Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone".....

 Yep, same old.

 Before going down to the Farm Market I picked leeks, green beans and beets so I could drop them off at a friend's.  Our gardens are starting to produce now.
 There were more vendors there today and a larger selection of veggies and fruit.
 Cody Dean was collecting signatures and passing out signs indicating that we want Brockport Ambulance in the Town of Sweden. 
Our Campaign For Change team is all for it.

 This trio of dogs approached and I asked what breed they were as they reminded me of a Burmese with shorter hair.  I believe they are called Swiss Mountain dogs.  Each weighed in at 100 pounds or more.  Beautiful and very sweet.

 Woody and company were entertaining.

Mary and I were there schmoozing.  Very understated of course.

 I have a feeling that our support of the Brockport Ambulance is creating
new interest from the current Town Board.  Hopefully they will be granted a contract.

 Delivered the veggies to Pat and got home around 12:30.
Some friends came in from out of town to buy some seed stock.
We also gave them one of our humungo cabbages.

 After they left, Gary went down to the Welcome Center for the last 
Sunday on the Canal presentation.
John Bauer on guitar and Mark Ketchum jammin' on the sax.
John conversed with the audience a lot and asked one woman if she knew the next song...
 she did, and got up to sing with them.

Chores around 7:15.

 The girls were ready.
 No cooking tonight.  Gary got home around 7:30 and we went down the road for a sandwich.
The sky was quite spectacular when we left the restaurant.

 Home before dark.
Our morning glories have climbed to the top of the strings and are just about ready to bloom.
Next year it would be fun to also enclose the south wall.  A natural screen.

Finished my first book and am onto the second.
Getting back into my reading groove.
Night all.


  1. I love the markets this time of year, its been a good year here for green beans and a few other must-haves. The peaches look wonderful--Had a couple last weekend, that made me want more! :-)

  2. Another busy day. Those dogs are adorable.

  3. Love the summer bounty (veggies) and love those climbing m. glories -- spectacular! xx


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