Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Is It Cold Enough For You?

 Minus 9 this morning and that was without the windchill.

Night all.


  1. Not that cold here today but my fingers still froze.

  2. Wow, .I can see the snow blower working overtime. Love the new header, another sphere?? Gorgeous colours.

  3. Oh yes cold enough but warming up tonight. I LOVE LOVE your header. Hug B

  4. What amazing pics that cold, cold sunny sky offers -- so clear and crisp. And I *love* the orb on your banner today! xx

  5. I agree, the cover photo is beautiful! Your cold and snow make for lovely landscapes. We have had the most mild winter - temps from upper 40's - mid 60's, and drier than usual as well. Feels like spring. We had a cold snap in mid November and another tiny cold snap a week or so before Christmas, but that's it. December was very wet, and it's been much drier overall. I'm actually loving it, but it would be fun to have a little snow so I'd have an excuse for a hookie day from work. :)


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