Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Big Vegetti Caper

 After chores I went for a trike ride and took another route.  I got to the top of a medium hill, took a photo of this beautiful country home, and then it started to rain.

 Did not get too wet on the way to the farm and made it before my class arrived.
We will be doing a project with dried are a few that Tina brought today.

 Stay tuned....
 In the meantime, Shamra and Helen did a little experimenting with watercolors.

 Donna is still working on a book for her granddaughter....
 Tina continued working on her drawing of Sandman.
 And Sandy has finished her drawing of the dog.
Messing around....
 Today's harvest....lots of green beans.  Still have to pick the snow peas.

 This afternoon I went over to Apple Creek Farm to check on Louise and on the way, stopped at Country Max to pick up a bag of dog food for Hatch.  The Manatee was ready to head west.

 We sure had a great time during their stay in Brockport and will stay in touch.

Not to long ago I showed you a picture of my new favorite gizmo.  Well tonight it got a real workout.
 Not only did I make zucchini pasta, I tried a carrot....
 then I went for a cucumber.  Man!  It worked beautifully for my salad.
 Just before dinner I put some olive oil in a skillet and added the "pasta."
 Stir fried it (part of the time covered) and then added cheese.
 (Yesterday I put together sauce and meatballs).
 Jenny, Finn and Coop were here for dinner.  Of course the boys did not want sauce on zucchini pasta so I made them some white stuff with butter, olive oil and cheese.  Actually, the combination was total yummy....and the texture of the cucumbers in the salad worked out well.  Would do it again.
 The girls were ready to be tucked in around 7:30.

 I still think our willow tree is going to fall over someday.  Most of the weight is on one side and it is gigantic!

 Gucci and Phoebe waited patiently for me to finish everything.

Night all.


  1. That dog painting is lovely. I am pressing flowers at the minute for some jewellery that I am working on.

  2. Lovely close up of the girls, and the Gizmo!! what does it do?? Whatever it is, food as always looked so yummy. Cheers, Jean.

  3. Those dried flowers look better than moms real ones
    Lily & Edward


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