Friday, August 1, 2014

Slowin' Down...Sort of

 After chores I hot footed it down to Agape for a workout.  First time there this week...not good.
 Then I got this brilliant idea that I should get a three wheeler so I can get more active in the bike riding department.  I've been gun shy about using my Raleigh as that darn (replacement) knee has not gotten over the hump and I can't afford to take a fall.  Walking...fine.  Dancing.... fine. The bikes at Agape....I could go all day.  Do I care if it is an old lady bike?  NO.  It will serve a purpose and get me back out on the road.  Who cares anyway?  Look at that fat ass seat!  And a basket where I can carry my camera.  They happened to have one at Sugar's Bike shop in Spencerport, so I went over and tried it.
 The Manatee is currently docked there, but I did not see any sign of Sandy, Jeff or Hatch.  They will be back in Brockport soon.
 From there I headed over to Apple Creek Farm with a basket of goodies from our farm.  Cucumbers, garlic, onions, peppers, zucchini, parsley, dill and some blueberries.
 Love driving along the canal.
 When I got there I helped Louise out with some cooking.  Company coming for the weekend.
 and zucchini pasta.
 We spent a couple hours talking about what's new in Brockport.
 Back home at 5:30.  Dinner was whatever we could find.  I had a salad and left over BBQued Beans.
Gary went for PB&J and some cereal.  He will be hungry in another hour.
Chores at 7.

 Jenny stopped up around 8:30 after she and her boss (State Assemblyman) participated in a parade.  How do you like her new red Caddilac?????

 What's so funny?
Night all.


  1. Love Jenny's new car. I have a small Caddy and enjoy it very much.

  2. PB & J and cereal...thank goodness you people ARE normal! =o)

  3. Super Red Caddy, and the three wheeler, do they have a chain-drive one? These might be easier on your knee or both knees, never mind the look, go with what is the best and comfiest for you, after all, you could get a comfy chair seat on one that size! Cheers,Jean.

  4. Great car! I like the bike. Lots of room for stuff in the basket: camera, water bottle, sandwiches, small children... just kidding. Don't forget the streamers for the handlebars!

    (I can't ride a regular bike either, just the recumbent exercise bike with no problem)

  5. So did you decide to get the bike? It's so cute. xx

  6. Exactly what Sharon said! Did you get the cute bike? I hope so!


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