Monday, August 25, 2014

Rollin' Down the River on Jack's Birthday

One gorgeous morning.

 Started off nice and cool, but ended up in the 80s.

Gary was kind enough to load my trike in the back of the car (sideways so it will fit) and at 9:30 I followed Bob S. (neighbor) down to the canal for a bike ride.  Me and my trike...he with a super nice recumbent bike.  He is in his 80s and is used to going long distances.  I've only done this for about 6 weeks.  We parked in a lot near the water and headed East.  There was quite a bit of activity today.  How about joining me for the ride....

 This is the Welcome Center, where travelers can dock their boats.  There are electric and water hook-ups along with showers and laundry facilities available.  It is run by 100 volunteers.

This beautiful brick walkway is across the canal.

 Below is a photo of the Senior Center I have been writing about.  Such a beautiful facility.  No way, do I want the town to shut it down and sell it.
 Because I need to get me and my knee in better condition, we turned around at the 3 mile point.
Now we are headed west.

 There were all kinds of people running, biking and walking along the path.

This is the view of the Welcome Center going in the other direction.  Main Street crosses that green bridge.

 By the time we got back, it was getting pretty hot.  Bob said we rode 6.09 miles at an average speed of 6.2 mph.  Let's see where we go from here.  My knee is hanging in there.

 At 4pm I arrived at Jenny's to take Ice (the black one) to the vet for a shot.  Can't remember the name of his condition, but he needs this to survive and it is very expensive every couple of months.  No one was home to occupy Buster and I had trouble getting Ice out of the house.  Didn't Buster break out and take off with Ice following.  I opened up the car door and they jumped in (thank heavens) and I went in to get a collar and leash for that naughty dog.  Now they were both going with me to the animal hospital.  Great!  And they were shedding all over me and the car.  Fortunately Jen was finished with her eye appointment and joined me.  By then both dogs were quietly down on the floor.  Didn't get out of there 'til after 5.  If you don't remember the story of Ice.... when he was a puppy...some AH put him in an old refrigerator out on a porch (Kentucky, I think), and left him there.  Someone going by heard him crying and saved his life.  When Kevin heard about it (from the person who connected me with Phoebe) he said he wanted to adopt him and the pup was shipped up here.  A very sweet boy.  Do you see where his name came from?

I got home just in time to feed the dogs and take a shower.  We were picked up by Archie and Patty at 6 and drove in to Benucci's, where we met Judy, Randy and Jack (Louise's husband) to celebrate Jack's birthday. After all he went through yesterday at the Memorial Service, I was very impressed with his spirit.

 Here are some of the things we ordered.

 Judy and Randy treated!  Thank you...thank you.  They have sold their house in Brockport and will be leaving us on Thursday to go back to their home in Florida.  We will miss them and so will half of the village.  Hopefully they will continue to visit.  Jack really appreciated this gathering.
That's it for now.
Night all.


  1. How Ironic that Jack's birthday came a day after his love's memorial service. Great on all his friends (you, Gary etc) for being there for him. Lori, I loved reading on your sidebar on Where to bury a Horse and I loved your poochies' tongues sticking out ! Good luck with your new mode of exercise. You are so determined with healing that knee, it will soon be right as rain! Have a great day.

  2. What a fantastic hood! Boy does mom miss real Italian food.
    Lily & Edward

  3. Such a lovely (and loving) town. Thanks for the tour along the canal.


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