Sunday, August 3, 2014


 It was raining this morning by the time I finished chores.  Karen was off duty so it took me a little longer....BUT she covers for me when I have something going on so turn around is fair play.  It works out well for both of us.
 The clematis are making a comeback and I can't walk by without taking a picture.
 Had yogurt, granola and some of those blueberries we picked for breakfast.  Big yum.
 This was "Sundays on the Canal" day and we did not know if the weather was going to cooperate or not.  It rained off and on all morning.
 The decision was finally made to put the musicians right on the porch at the Welcome center and the audience could sit there or on the steps.
 Sandy of the Manatee joined us.
 The name of this group is The Caramelo Trio (Latin contemporary music) and they drove all the way in from Potsdam.  Lucky for us!  Superb sounds.
The man on the front left used to be part of the group and has now moved to Brockport.  He sat in on a couple of the numbers.

 They played a few covers, but had written most of the music we heard.  Over the years they have played for a lot of tango events.
 I'm sorry the weather kept the usual suspects from attending....they would have loved them.

 See that beat box?  I want one.
 I especially loved the Bosa Nova pieces...they reminded me of Jobim and Astrud Gilberto (from back in the day when I had all their albums).  Stan Getz too.
 Beth (cello player) did something that interested Sandy and me.  She went to several locations with an artist friend who was doing plein air painting.  First she played the cello according to the brush strokes, then the artist painted according to the way the cello was played.  If only we had a heads up, Sandy and I would have been out there with our easels.

 Tony, who sat in, is a very accomplished musician, and so is his daughter
(who played claves for one of the numbers).  He really enjoyed having the opportunity to play bongos and guitar with them...we liked it too.

To the farm for a couple of hours and then right back down to the canal, where we joined Sandy, Jeff and Hatch (on the Manatee) for dinner.  I am amazed by the amount of space they have and how comfortable it is.
They have been doing this for many years and have everything down to a science.
Sandy prepared a great meal...all vegetarian and full of flavor.
These tomatoes are sitting on top of a cauliflower "pancake" of sorts...topped with cheese.
 She also roasted veggies and tossed them with quinoa.
 Many of the veggies, and the cucumber and onion used in the salad came from our garden.
 It was so darn good, I don't think there will be many leftovers..
 She even made a "dump" cake for dessert.
 Hatch slept under my feet during the entire meal (with Sandy by his face) and never moved.  He is such a sweet boy.

 Love this sailboat!  Many thanks!

 Home in time to do chores.
 And more pictures....these doubles are everywhere.

I guess that about does it.
Night all.


  1. I am trying to imagine cooking like that on a boat. This post was just overflowing with talent!

  2. That food looks delicious! I'm moving dinner time up tonight - I'm starving now!

  3. What a meal you had! If you prepare in advance, I guess you can save time and space. Another FULL day, not wasted, for you.

  4. Love your "doubles". Never seen those before.


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