Monday, July 21, 2014

The Heat is On....Again

 After chores I mowed the two small grass paddocks before it warmed up.
 Didn't the girls just have to come in with me.

 I took all the berries we picked yesterday
( blueberries, blackberries and raspberries)
 and made a little rustic pie.
 Kept busy for the rest of the afternoon and am really in need of some down time so I can get back to my reading  napping.

Jenny came up for dinner.

 Grilled organic chicken, lomain, a stirfry with peppers, zucchini and snow peas from our garden plus a cucumber salad.  So good.
 Out to do evening chores....

 and noticed that Angel was gimpy in her right hind.

 Karen came up to check on her and took her over to the grooming room in the other barn.  Maggie was worried when she didn't get to go along.

Back in the house for dessert.  This is the first time we have been able to make a pie from our own berries.

 The next couple of days are supposed to be near 90 and muggy...I'm thrilled.
Night all.


I'm conducting an experiment.  Read that if you cut off the bottom of your celery stalk and put it in water you can grown another one.  This is how it looks after 6 days.  Interesting.  Did anyone ever try this?


  1. You can plant the celery bottom in your garden and grow a new one, also cut off the roots on onions, leeks and green onions and you can grow new ones.

  2. Celery...who'd want to grow more ;-D.

  3. Celery...who'd want to grow more ;-D.

  4. Nope never tried it with celery. But we have been hot and mugg-ly here too.
    Do chores early and late and siesta after work in the garden.

    Cool down coming in again I think this afternoon.
    But we have not had a hot blazing summer so I cannot complain.

  5. Wow, the paddocks look so good - and so does that pie!
    Hot here today, mid 80s. We always run 10 degrees cooler than Denver (1,500' higher here), so they are in the mid 90s. Yuck.


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