Thursday, July 10, 2014

The crazysheeplady Would Love This Weather!

 What a beautiful morning!  Yes Sara, I needed to wear a sweatshirt again.

A little after 10 Jenny and the 4 grands arrived to say good-bye before heading off to Atlantic City.  They took Gary's van so they could ride in comfort.

(Between weather and traffic, they did not get there until 7:15)

10 minutes later Jerry and Kim arrived with our last load of first cutting.
 Then Randy stopped in to pick up our little rototiller.

 I just mowed the lawn last Sunday and today it needed it again.  The recent rain has made the grass grow like crazy.  Perfect temperature.
 Gary continued pulling and hanging garlic and I procrastinated about making a rhubarb pie.  It didn't happen, so I'll have to make the effort tomorrow.
 Chores a little early, as I wanted to get down to Summer Serenades to grab some photos.

 Tonight it was Julie Dunlap and High Maintenance...the place was packed...biggest crowd ever.
 One of the canal boats was parked behind the band....a perfect backdrop.

(These were the people on the boat)

Gary, Terry, Jacquie and Bill have done a great job, setting up all this entertainment for the community...and the price is right!  Free.

 (singing with the band...they must have known the words)
 Lauren showed up in her kayak.

 (The woman waving is Margay B., the mayor of Brockport)
 I snuck up on Carol and Topper.  For once he did not have a camera in his hand.

Home a little before dark.
 Night all.

Here they are in Atlantic City.


  1. Oh boy what a fun day. And what a cute family
    Lily & Edward

  2. I love that photo of Jen and the kids in Atlantic City. I wore a sweatshirt this morning too -- for about five minutes.

  3. Had fun in AC a few years back. Funny. My HS son wanted to go to Hooters. We went. Our waitress had no boobs! He was greatly disappointed. hahahaha
    Well, I thought it was funny.

  4. Find me a job and a new farm! I'm movin' to Brockport!!!

  5. Great band! A lot of entertainment and fun for everyone.

    Atlantic City should be loads of fun for the gang.

  6. Beautiful weather, beautiful family.


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