Friday, April 11, 2014


It was a beautiful day from morning 'til night.  I'm just so tired from standing up, a crash is in my near future.

 After chores I went out back with the horses to pick the pastures.
Why would Abbe want to stay white????

 Around noon Rick Davis came over to put on some new shingles where they had blown off the barn.  You wouldn't get me up on that 40 foot ladder.
 Gathered up everything I needed to take to the opening, took a shower and got down to the gallery around 5.
 When it comes to showtime, my students never let me down.  Not only do they produce beautiful work, they always come through in the food and drink department.  We know how to do this.
 Gary got me a basket of flowers at Sara's today and all can be planted in our garden.  They sure added to the ambiance. 
 Bill and Bonnie came early, as they had company coming...

 and the rest of the crew arrived shortly after that.
We had so much food and wine we needed to get an extra table.
Cheese, crackers, veggies, grapes, nuts, chocolates, dried fruit, cream puffs....and more.
 Doug and Gerri were among the first to arrive.
 Within the first half hour more than 60 people were there.

 My lime water turned out great!  Even Scott loved it.

I sure appreciate the support this community has given me, and I could not ask for better students.
It was a very special evening.  Many thanks to Kathy and Stuart for providing this village with a first class gallery.  Kudos all around!
Night all.


  1. What a wonderful day and more wonderful night, looks like it was a huge success, and students who contribute so much, well done to them for that too. Sleep well. Cheers, Jean.

  2. That whole 40ft ladder thing would be no problem for a certain farmer collector of ladders I know:):) Hug B

  3. I am so glad your show went so well, looks like fun was had by all.

  4. Oh Lori.... you know what? You should know that you are special when blogger readers LIKE ME wish you were OUR neighbor... :)

    rest up well after the show!


  5. Ha! Good job Abbe. Both sides and the back. Must have felt so good.

    Your show looks amazing and very successful. Congratulations!

  6. Lovely reflection of the sunlight on the side of the barn. Looks like your students' showing went well--everybody seems to be enjoying it in your photos. Have a nice weekend. (I wouldn't get up on that ladder either!!!). Mickie :)

  7. Such a great turnout for a great show. Kudos, Lori, to you and all-- xx

  8. Wow! Looked great and I love the mix of people all gathering to support something awesome in the community.


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