Wednesday, March 5, 2014


As a protest to winter, I will be posting at least one picture of a flower everyday until the snow goes away.  Do you want to join me?

These tulips have been sitting on my dining room table since last week.  It is very rare that we don't have flowers in our house.

As for today....this morning was so much warmer (if you can call the teens warmer) than yesterday.  My hands did not get frozen for the first time in days.

 We had grey skies, sun, flurries and squalls.

 Gary went to yoga and came back to get me for our chorus rehearsal.  We have a performance next week and are in high gear.

A few days ago, when Gary was driving down to Java, he stopped at a cross walk (the law) and didn't a kid rear end his van.  Needless to say, someone was not too happy and the person who hit him found that out.  Today the repairs were finished, so after lunch we headed back to Brockport to pick it up.  At the farm, the sun was bright...3 minutes later it was snowing like crazy as we were approaching our destination.

 This happens all the time.  On the way home, as soon as I went up the hill (only one in town) the snow disappeared.

 Obviously it never got as far as our house.

 Love those west windows in the afternoon.
 Sidney found is spot for the day.

 Chores at 5:30.  It was one of the best parts of the day.

 The deer must be on the same schedule as me, as they were out back again and the horses repeated yesterdays performance.

 They were really feeling their cheerios tonight and must realize that spring (ha ha) is only 15 days away.  Tucked them in and was on my way.

 A Saint Tim salad with oranges, bananas and craisins along with
 red lentil soup.
 (Saint Tim!  Did you notice that white stuff on the salad?  Your leftover R. dressing!)
PJs and the fire are next on the agenda.
Night all.


  1. We normally don't get rid of snow until late March in most winters, but it does feel like this one has been extra long and drawn out.

    Instead of flowers, I'm going to post pretty colors if I can!


  2. Love your tulips. Don't have any flowers in our house usually. I basically kill everything with my black thumb!

    Your weather is certainly worse than ours. We got up to 30! So I think there is hope in sight.

  3. Aha Lori, I unwittingly joined your protest today by posting flowers in the bush. I will add a flower (probably a couple from South as well as East Africa) to every post until I see you celebrating spring! I will link to your blog at the same time. Enjoy your day. Jo

  4. Lovely landscape ans serie fotos.

  5. I don't think I have ever seen so much snow. I can understand that you are sick of it. Come over to my log for blue skies and high temperatures to warm your soul.


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