Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One BIG Whiteout....

 Out to the barn at 7:30 and by 8 the storm was on us.

 The horses were out while we cleaned stalls.

 We had wind gusts that were over 40 mph and the horses were reacting to it by running from the paddock to the back pasture....bucking and rearing.

 By 9:15 they were back in their stalls for the day.

Made some red lentil soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch....sliced apple on the side.  Perfect for today.
 School was cancelled.  Chorus rehearsal was cancelled.  We were a captive audience.

 Phoebe and Gucci did not want to stay outside as there was nowhere to go....just deep snow all over the place.

 Took a nap this afternoon and woke up totally disoriented about the time.  It was 4:30. Put on my coat, scarf, hat, boots and gloves and went outside to see if I could shovel a path out to the paddock before chore time.  What a mess!!!!  The drifting was terrible and no sooner did I get to the paddock, before the part I shoveled filled in.  In some places it was over 2 feet deep.

Finally got out there with my 4 gallons of hot water, beet pulp and carrots.  Gary helped with more shoveling and picked up all the shingles that had blown off the barn roofs.

Put the horses out for half an hour while I repicked the stalls and set them up for the evening feed.  They were a little surprised by the conditions
 Look at all the snow that blew in under the shed roof.  Can't wait to shovel that out when this storm is over.  Ugh.

 Got them tucked in for the night and did a little more shoveling.

 This time the dogs had a larger area to run around in.  We have a call in to get our driveway plowed.  It is way out of control.  No doubt about it...we will have over two feet everywhere with much higher drifts in the open areas.

 Another easy dinner.
 Salad and pulled some lasagna out of the freezer.
Night all.

Here is my flower fix for the day.

This has been one nasty storm.  I hope you are all safe and warm if you have been in it's path.


  1. Mesmerized with your photos as always.
    Whoa ~ you got more snow than us this time !

  2. Wow! That's miserable. Let's hope it's the end of storms for this year.

  3. Those flowers are not going to know what happened
    Lily & Edward

  4. flowers to cheer you up, the girls did not like it at all, super photos, you did so well to even get any in that. Stay safe, a ploughed driveway sounds a very sensible thought. Cheers to all, Jean.

  5. That's one heck of a storm. I hope its past you now.

  6. Lori, here in Africa we are sooo unaware of the severity of snow [storms]. I couldn't believe the windy gusts and squalls on your video and all that mushy deep snow even under the roof! I love your flower fix. I only have one bloom (from a thorn tree) but it has a butterfly on it so really heralds spring! Wrap up warmly. Greetings. Jo

  7. I am thinking I'd rather have the melts and the freezes than a snow pile up like you've just gotten.
    Sometimes the worst storms come to the area in March.

  8. Elenka has a cousin near Buffalo and she sent us pic of the storm heading our way. Got 2 inches, lots of wind, few plows... they wake me up at night. Last night... sleep.

  9. Just loved this post and the beautiful orchids. I haven't been online too often since Thursday. First a power outage - on/off/on/off for about five hours. Then my Internet was finished although it showed I still had usage until the 17th! I loaded on Friday and the the Vodacom (our server in Tz) tower was down so I never received the confirmation text message on my smartphone! Then I was online again - for Friday night and Saturday. Then mid-morning on Sunday the Internet in the area "went down" Grrr. I am back now and hoping to stay online and in power (lol!) for a LONG time. Greetings, Jo


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