Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Morning Started Off With A Bang....

 Yes!  It was a gorgeous.  Lorrie and I flew through chores and were were finished by 7:45.  Record breaking.  So, I was standing by the water trough with all three ponies nearby and Moon decided to charge Abbe, who knocked me down on the left side of my back so I could screw up my shoulder a little more.  I was POed and in pain.  Poor Lorrie was very worried.  Went back to the house, took a hot shower, iced then put on some heat, took a couple of ibuprofen and started to feel much better.  Well enough to do a little mowing in the small pastures, move some outdoor furniture and more.

Started cutting the rhubarb today...I see a pie in our future.
 Class at 10.  I was ready.
 We are having our 12th!!!! annual show at the local library in June and are getting everything organized.

 Sandy finished her pastel drawing.

 What color mat????  Testing.Testing.....

 Connie is studying cats.

 I continued to stay busy in the afternoon, vacuuming etc.

Lorrie came to do evening chores even tho I told her not to.  Not to much holds down a farm girl.  I've done chores when I felt worse than this (as you all have).
 Abbe's going through her hind right thing again.  Great....Today she wore a pastern wrap.

 An explosion of color is still taking place.

 Gary is getting two rocking chairs ready for the back porch.  Until then I brought over the old fashioned metal chairs and put the wicker over by the studio.
 Simple supper.  Carrot and apples salad...
 corn, chips and the rest of the hot dogs.
Night all.  Goin' for some ice.


  1. I do hope your shoulder heals quickly. Do take care!

  2. I don't know much about these things...and I'm sure this is a funny suggestion to people who are knowledgable about art--but I think a green mat might work very well with that lovely piece. Oh you poor thing! Have a glass of wine, on me.

  3. I've been knocked over a few times with that same scenario. Although its usually Flash who is charging the others. Jackson knocked me down most recently (a few months ago). It always hurts and it makes me POed too. Poor Abbe -- Jackson has been off this week too.

  4. You do more in one day of not feeling well than I do in one WEEK of feeling great!

  5. Ouch! Hope you have no lasting after effects.
    Your garden is looking great, I love the daffodils photo :)

  6. Oh no I know what that feels like I am so sorry. It always scares me to hear this from people working with animals.
    I cannot believe you can get right back out there and get things done that need to be done, oh never mind yes I can. Take care of yourself I hope it feels better today. Hug B

  7. That is why I am afraid to be around larger animals. It is bound to happen. Glad you seem to be okay.
    I also just love those older metal chairs. The last forever and they are "bouncy".

  8. Dear Lori, take care of yourself amidst all this explosion of beauty and creativity. I read a posting this morning by a fellow blogger and thought you might enjoy it as it's about a foal being born:

    I'd so love to be in your class. Peace.

  9. Bad girl, Moon, bad! Hope you and Abbe heal soon.


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