Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Heat is On...

 Boy!  Did we ever get a lot of rain last night!  It poured for 12 hours straight with plenty of thunder and lightning.  The outdoor arena is totally under water (again), and I just dragged it a couple days ago.  After chores we had a visit from a new farrier.  John, our regular, was forced to stop as he has very serious knee and hip problems at this time.  He recommended Josh B.
 I trust John and he found us a great young man.
 I made arrangements for him to go to Barb's and Tina's from here, so he had 6 horses to trim.
 Over half of them are in their late 20s and need the TLC approach.  Josh was very good at recognizing what would work the best.
 He used to be a Hunter/Jumper rider and when he got out of high school, went straight to Cornell to learn how to become a farrier.
 Berlin and Abbe were both cooperative and seemed fine with the change.

 All of us were happy with him and he will be back.  Welcome Josh!
 The temperature went up to the low 80s and it was very muggy and buggy.  Fortunately there was a nice breeze.

My little guys love hanging out on the back porch.

I had a much needed appointment with the message therapist at 2. stones.

From there I went to Agape but did not last long.  Really goofed going there after a massage.  Won't do that again.  Stopped at Weggies on the way home...
 For some reason I could not sleep last night...reading didn't even help.  Ready to crash when I got home, but didn't.

Deb and Tom stopped up for some rhubarb.
 'Tis the season.
 By the way, when I got home there was  3/4 of a rhubarb pie in a beautiful container sitting by the kitchen door.  I have no idea who left it....and I just made one yesterday.  Talked Jenny into taking some of it off our hands.

I started dinner and did chores while Gary finished up with Finn and Coop.

 What was for dinner????  I made a corn salad introduced to us by a friend from Paris who spent many summers in Brockport.  I used 2 cans of organic corn, some onion, green pepper, 1 tomato, diced swiss cheese and tossed it with a Russian dressing (homemade).  Salt and pepper, of course.  Try this one, it's different and crunchy yummy.
 Hot dogs with no nitrates or preservatives on some baked beans.
 Summer flavors.
I'm not going to be happy if I can't get some serious sleep time later.
Night all.


  1. Good luck on getting some sleep tonight. I know the feeling Lori. It's funny how well horses adapt to new situations like farriers etc. Love how everything is green, but I would have trouble with all the bugs.

  2. So many things to comment on! It sounds like you found a good farrier to replace John. That must be a relief -- good farriers are hard to come by. Hot stone massages are my favorite. I will definitely try that salad. And, finally, who leaves part of a pie on the doorstep? Maybe someone doesn't like rhubarb? It wouldn't be me!

  3. Beautiful Iris flowers, hope some survived the storm. Great new farrier, even obliging with a photo shoot. And pie, a lovely generous friend I'm sure. Greetings to all, Jean.

  4. So glad your horses were receptive to the change. Hot stone massage?! Wow!

  5. That corn salad looks delicious!
    Congrats on finding another good farrier.

  6. I'm with Annette - it's a bit weird to leave part of a pie on the doorstep! I'd be looking suspiciously at one of my doggies if that happened here... even if the pie was clearly sliced!
    Your irises are beautiful. Iris time is just finishing here. The local variety is a bit chunkier than your ones, and they grow everywhere. I'm not sure if the ones growing in the wild are garden "escapes" or if they're indigenous, but they're very pretty!

  7. Farrier looks great!

    Are you going to get the upper 90s I saw on the news this a.m.?

  8. Oh I'm so happy you're thrilled with the new farrier. Your gardens sure do look fabulous. I don't grow any rhubarb! I am so mad every year that I hadn't planted it the night before. Wish I could stop by the Skoog rhubarb patch!

  9. My nephew does that now for 20 years.He was once a horse jockey but grew an inch more to ride the horses so he had to resign. They have just a certain height and weight. We call them different names . Same thing though.

    I call them horse shoeing or


    Enjoyed your photos. yes get some sleep .

  10. Sleep, Sleep, Sometimes Illusive Sleep!
    Hope You Did Get It!

    Yes The Sun When It Does Appear(Between Drownings) Makes For Muggy! We've Just Completed 2 Weeks Of Record Rains. Not Seen Since The 1800'S We Are Told!
    Feeling It With You.

    Nice New Farrier Find Well ,Referral. Sigh. And A Nice Big Sigh For Hot Stone Massage!!


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