Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Out to Lunch...

 Moon had a workout this morning before Lorrie left.
 Berlin and Abbe just wanted to stay cool.
 The high temperature today was around 87....muggy.

Instead of having art here today, we all drove out to Connie's to mat and frame some of the student's work and have lunch.
 What a beautiful setting.

 Connie is an artist and her husband Tom is a photographer.  Their work is everywhere and they also have quite a collection done by others.
 Above are a few of her drawings of buildings (most done for class).
 Below are several of Tom's photographs.
 Every room was jammed with character.

 This was a texture project.
 Part of their collection (with a reflection in the glass).

 Connie has a beautiful studio....
 This is a papier mache bowl...another one of our past projects.

 Throughout the years many artists have learned to paint buy going to galleries and copying the work of the masters.  Normally, I don't want my students to copy someone else's work...BUT just this once I let them.  This was Connie's choice.  How about the pattern in the curtain???
 Tom loves to cook and has quite a collection of equipment.

 Now for the spectacular lunch part....
 shrimp salad

 chicken salad

mango and banana salad

 Tuscan bread

 Tom made us a tomato/bread soup served with sour cream and fresh basil.

Dessert...rhubarb, strawberries and blueberries ala Madonna.

What a meal.  By the time we left we were all very full and ready for a nap.
Thank you Connie and Tom.

Did very little work outside this afternoon as I was roasting.  Our flower gardens are already loaded with weeds and the lawn needs to be mown already since dandelions grew up overnight.

I'm starting to do chores at 5 instead of 7... Abbe and Moon are too fat and we are giving them less time on the pasture.

A cold front came through and the temperature must have dropped 15 degrees by the time Gary got home from Jen's.  He ate there....and I had a salad.

Pouring by 8 so the girls are in for the duration.
Night all.


  1. you post is full of sensory delights!

    ALOHA from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  2. Solomon's Seal, tulips, and is that Lilac? What a beautiful home and studio,love the way the photos are mounted on the wall. Super meals as always. The bearded iris are that lovely pale shade that suits their petals so well. Greetings from Jean

  3. Your world is so green and beautiful.

    We are limiting pasture time too until the grass is a bit less lush.

  4. Your gardens are looking lovely! It's a great time of year. So are nearly all of them in their own way.

  5. That all looks so fabulous! What a well-curated home! I'm sure you could spend hours admiring all the details!

  6. I would leave that house so inspired I wouldn't know where to begin!


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