Sunday, May 26, 2013

It Was Just One of Those Horsey Days....

Except for going to Wegmans, I spent most of the day with the ponies or posting about them.
 Abbe and Berlin had the day off....Lorrie worked with Moon.

 I can't tell you how many hours Gary has put into gardening.  He still has more stuff to plant.
 The way the garlic has grown, I'm sure it will be an early harvest.

Paula (lives across the street) brought her Black Beauty (Finnegan) over so we could do a little work this morning.  Earlier, she pulled all of his tack over in a wagon...good idea.
 Look at the coat on this boy!  When she got him, he was skinny....now he looks gorgeous.
 We started with a little free lounging...he was very frisky to say the least.  After that we walked him for awhile, then tacked him up.  He had not been ridden since November.
 He was a real gentleman.  No balonie, no nothin'.

 After they left I did some grocery shopping, then a little mulching in the front paddock.

At 5 I took the girls off the pasture.
 Grained them and put them back out.  Right now they are looking for bits of grass in the outdoor arena.

 Gary had duty at the Welcome Center from 4-6.  I worked on my Sunday Stills post and it took forever as I photoshoped a ton of pictures (post below).

 Today I got 4 kinds of organic beans, added onion, cooked carrots and orange pepper to create a bean salad for tomorrow.  Poured on a hot mixture of cider vinegar, oil and sugar.
 I think Saint Tim would have eaten tonight's salad.  Carrots, cucumber, onion tomato, pepper and a little bit of spinach...topped with gorganzola and a good Italian dressing.  (That's right...he likes Ranch...maybe he would snub it).
 We were craving sauce, so you know what we had for dinner.

Boy, do I need a shower.
Night all.

Here's another drawing you will see in the Skoog Farm Workshop Exhibition.
"Tabby" by Tina.


  1. Another beautiful day at Skoog Farm!

  2. As usual, a visual feast, all yum. xx

  3. Love that Tabby!
    Horse days are the best days.
    I have 22 garlic plants that survived critters and winter. That's 21 more than last year.


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