Sunday, May 12, 2013

Insane Weather

This morning it was 37 degrees here....
 and we had a fair amount of rain last night.
 The sun did show up.
 While Lorrie shredded paper, I did some picking in the pastures.

 At 10, Paula brought Finn over for some long lining.
Around 10:30 all hell broke loose....high winds, rain and then snow flakes!
 By 11 the sun was back out.

 Once again, Finn was a very good boy.  Sweet and a quick study.

I continued to mow the lawn, until it was time to meet Jenny and the boys for a Mother's Day Brunch.
The place was packed and the service was very s  l  o  w , but the food was quite amazing.
 I had many favorites...creme brule French toast, apple fritters and sweet potatoes.
A huge buffet...homemade biscuits and gravy, rice pudding, a couple salads, different kinds of scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, potatoes, soup and more.
 Trying to get Finn and Coop to stop making faces was a challenge.
 When we got home I was finishing the lawn...just about done when it started to rain and turned to hail.  I got soaked and frozen.  Put the horses in the barn and was a little concerned with the weather as they were wormed this morning.

By 5:30 the sun came out again, so I grained them and turned them back out for awhile.

I don't think they will be out for long.
Got a fire going in the kitchen.
Night all.


  1. A very busy Mother's Day, for all, what changeable weather, here we have lovely sunshine, 23.5 C , about 72F,too good to stay inside. Greetings, Jean .

  2. Such a restorative visit to dear SkoogFarm :-)


  3. I would like to say that I cannot believe you saw snowflakes today, but with such crazy weather across the U.S. I totally believe it.

  4. Loved the pic with the boys! I always enjoy visiting here. It feels so real, as you adapt to whatever nature is dealing at the time. Authentic, genuine, nothing artificially contrived. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. What a Mother's Day you had! I'm just in a daze over those beautiful GREEN pastures!

  6. Crazy Weather! Snow in MAY for goodness sake!
    Happy Mother's day. Sounds like it was just perfect.
    Apart from the weather, that is.

  7. Well, I wish you had better weather for Mom's Day -- but you made the best of it as you always do!

  8. Wonderful Mother's Day Lori. Hug B

  9. Just when we thought it was spring! I had to cover everything in my garden last night!

  10. What a wonderful Mothers day for you. Your daughter is so pretty .

  11. Crazy weather!! Your brunch sounds yummy.


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