Friday, May 31, 2013

Don't Get Me Started!

Another hot one...felt like August.
 Berlin chose the fan over grass and sun.

 Fed the girls, cleaned the stalls and headed back to the house.

 Made myself go to Agape...need to get back in the groove.
 Had some surprise visitors at 12:30.  Ted and Carol lived in this area for a long time....then 12 years ago they sold their home, grabbed their cat and have been traveling all over the countryside in their motor home ever since.  Carol boarded her horse here in the dark ages.
 They came to buy rhubarb and will be in the vicinity for the summer.  So good to touch base.

The rest of the afternoon was downhill and a royal pain in my butt.  I bought this iPad in April...now it is May!  It would not connect to the internet through wifi.  I called Linksys and after 1 hour plus decided not to go the route they were suggesting.  Then I called iPad support.  Blah, Blah, Blah...your whatever has been corrupted.  "I can have a technician repair it online for you...$50 for 1 shot, $99 for 6 months of assistance or $129 for a year."  I was so steamed!  They said Linksys could not fix it ($19.99) and this was the best way for me to get back online.  So!  I pay hundreds of dollars for this piece of equipment that gets screwed up in less than 8 weeks and now they want me to buy this support package.  I swear!  This is built into their marketing...just like when you purchase a brand new car and they want to sell you a package for hundreds of dollars on top of the price of the car.  Is it crazy to expect a new whatever to last more than a few weeks?  One more way to rake in the dough.  Out of desperation I got a one year deal for $99 and they got me back online after spending another hour trying to comprehend what was being told to me from who knows where.  In the end, all I had to do was go to settings, general and reset an area back to where it was when I bought it.  Would have done it myself and should have.  Got taken on that one.
 By then it was after 4 and my afternoon was shot.
 When Gary got home from Sara's he worked in the garden....planted red and yellow peppers.
 Called the girls in at 5.  Still very hot.
 Grained them and put them back out.
 I set out 2 flakes of hay (total) for 3 horses and the only one that cares is Moon.  Abbe and Berlin stayed by the fan and most of the hay is still there in the morning.

 Another simple dinner.

 A salad that Saint Tim won't eat.  Spinach, organic craisins and apple, a little onion topped with a Korean dressing.
 Mashed potatoes and grilled chicken.

I have been working on a slide show of some of my photographs for the art opening this coming Thursday night.  Tomorrow we set up the show.
(please click to bigify)
I am techied out.
Night all.


  1. I'm so sorry about the iPad problem! I've had that same kind of thing happen, and know all too well the frustration--Along with the heat, I hope you're having a nice, quiet relaxing evening!

  2. Grrrrrrr. I have similar problems with my iPad from time to time. You are so right, it's all built into it! Sort of how it starts having trouble right when a new model comes out!

  3. Frustratin To The 10 Th Degree# That Happened To Me To, With A Computer Update! $99 Bucks Later, All I Had To Do Was Reset The Thing To A Time Before The Event! Fried My Grits!
    So Dirty...A Scam.

    Sorry For ThaT Lori.

    Boys And Girls, It Hot There!

  4. I saw a really neat book in the supermarket today, ipad for seniors!!Nearly bought it in anticipation... Greetings from Jean. p.s. hope it all runs smoothly from now.

  5. You are SO good to your animals, Lori. That's what I love about your! A fan for the horses. And I love your word: bigify! Brilliant post. I hope you're having a great weekend. Jo

  6. It's really hot here today too. Already in the 80s when we fed early this morning and in the high 90s this afternoon. Ugh. Bummer about your iPad. Knock on wood, I haven't had any problems.

  7. Really hot here today as well. Bummer about your iPad -- I haven't had any trouble with mine in the two years I've had it. Knocking on wood.


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