Thursday, May 9, 2013

Come Rain or Come Shine...

This morning it was still raining....

 Passed on the chorus performance as I had an appointment with the Doctor who did my knee surgery.  Went in on the back roads and picked up the expressway....beautiful clouds and scenery.

 He was very pleased with my progress and I got a look at the x-ray.  Weird looking.
 So many trees are in full bloom now, I could have taken pictures of at least 50.
 Stopped at Glen Darach Farm on the way home and picked up another surcingle.  By the time I got here, the day was pretty much shot.
Chores early....

 Gary is painting markers for his gardens so he can label everything he plants.  It won't be long now.
 Did not get a decent picture of dinner.  A gigantic salad with greens, onions, tomatoes, asparagus, hard boiled eggs and grated cheese.
Going to crawl in bed early.
Night all.


  1. Another wonderful day in your neighborhood.

  2. Asparagus! I heart it! :) that salad sounds delish. those trees and the scenery are beautiful, and so, of course, are your girls!

  3. With all that rain, can muddy ponies be far behind?

  4. With your beautiful photos and comments, it feels like I just spent the day trailing along with you. How enjoyable! Your dinner salad looks delicious!

  5. Those blossoms are a sure sign of warmer weather. Lovely series of the day,like Gary's plant labels. Cheers from Jean.

  6. We were on the same page today. Country roads and a big salad for dinner.

  7. The sun finally came out today, but it's clouding up again... we need to dry out a little.

    Yay for your knee! Have a great weekend Lori.


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