Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thunder and Lightnin'

 For the past two nights we have had a great deal of thunder and lightning.  The grass is starting to green up from all the rain.
 There was a big drop in temperature and more rain on the way so sheets went back on the girls.

 More color is popping up here and there....
 now we need some heat to get things going.
 Chorus today.  We had a fabulous session, and when we sang "Cape Bretton Lullaby" it sounded so beautiful it brought our director to tears.  So sorry I did not record it...what a song.

 Poor Gary gets stuck hauling my drum around.

Of course we could not pass on buying some Oatmeal Raisin cookies made by the Seniors at the Center where we rehearse.
 Gary, Bill A. and I went down to 58 Main for lunch, as they had to stick around to show the Clinton Street project to the Landmark Society. 

 I went home and continued to learn more about using an iPad.

Around 4pm it got greenie dark outside and a monsoon rain blew through.  It was coming down in gigunda buckets, so I got off the phone and went out to rescue the girls.
 Back to mud city.

 Abbe was not smart enough to go under the shed roof or in a run-in so I had to take off her drenched sheet and put on another blanket.

They were all pretty wet!
So...they got dinner early.....
Night all.


  1. Moon sure has an expressive face. We've had strong gusty winds the past few days, but the sun is out and its warm. I need to soak this up before we move and the rainfall doubles.

  2. Oh I hear a icestorm or snow storm or both storm is heading your way then mine batten down the hatches. Take care Hug B

  3. Love that speckled face. Glad are were able to dry off.

  4. Oh my, the mud! Who will get the muddiest? I'm betting on Abbe!

  5. We did not have as much rain here as we normally do this time of year.I could do with a rumbly,thundery afternoon! You take such good care of your ponies Lori! xxx

  6. Glad you were home for the girls! Certainly is an unpredictable time of year weather wise.

  7. Everything is a little harder to deal with in this kind of weather. I just love how your horses get tucked in at night. I like your new header too.

  8. I can't believe your flowers are ahead of mine Lori -- but they are. I have only 2 or 3 daffs up now.

    We do need the rain, so I'm really going to try not to complain about it. Lol. Lovely pics.

  9. My goodness. You must have been soaked to the bone!


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