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Friday, January 25, 2013

I Have a Lot to Learn About Making Spring Rolls...

 Woke up early and got out to the barn for chores.

After that I motored down to Agape and did my thing...still lovin' the eliptical and gabbed with several of our friends who were there.
 When I got home, took more hot water out to the girls.
 They didn't care, and most of it was still there at 5. 
 Very grateful not to have a lot of wind.  I think the temperature went up to 18.

Decided to make some split pea soup for dinner.
 It took long enough, but ended up tasting great.

 Then I had this brilliant idea to make spring rolls (which had nothing to do with pea soup).  It was my debut and I used whatever was at hand....cabbage, carrots, red peppers, a little onion, sprouts and noodles.  That was my first mistake.
 After I drained the noodles, I added a little rice vinegar and tossed them.
 Had to take a quick break to do evening chores.  My camera was so cold there was no chance for a good picture.
 When I got back in, I soaked the spring roll skins one at a time and started putting them together.
 My wrapping technique left a lot to be desired!  (They needed to be wrapped much tighter).  There were two dipping sauces, Peanut and Sweet Chili....but they just didn't do it for me as the filling was not cutting it flavor wise.  It's a good thing I did not do this for company!  Live and learn.  The next time I will be more prepared.  I'm looking for suggestions.  Stephen Andrew, I'll bet you have some ideas.  Right?

So, after a weird dinner....I plan to sit by the fire....

 and read.  (The good)

Night all.


  1. Your dinner sounds like some of mine. Sometimes things just strike me and I have to make them!

  2. I don't know I thought the spring rolls looked pretty tasty Lori! & I love Pea soup too.
    Glad it "warmed" up by you,
    ; )

  3. I have never made spring rolls. I make samosas every ten years or so... an Indian version of spring rolls, in a way. Tasty but time consuming. We are having soup for dinner as well. Been watching the rain all day.

  4. Brrr!
    The spring rolls look pretty good to me.

  5. I am so sorry to disappoint, but I have no expertise here! I might think a light toss in soy sauce? I believe people often add fish sauce or oyster sauce. But again I'm sorry! Italian, French, or Southern I'm ready to help! I think they still look gorgeous! So delicate.

  6. I've never made spring rolls but yours don't look too bad. My husband loves pea soup, me not so much. Glad you're having a heat wave of 18 degrees with no wind. Still cold here but it's supposed to warm up in a few days. Enjoy your book! Is that John Grisham, "The Litigators"? I just read his The Racketeer. Pretty good.

  7. Love that you tried something new and I know you will try again : ) I also like that your horses have lots of protection from the wind. Sounds like a good day ending with a good book.

  8. Those spring rolls look pretty good to me, and I esp. applaud the effort. xx

  9. Another great day at the Skoog farm. Thanks for your support, Lori.

  10. I'd take a chance with your rolls and on another topic-- the girls don't look happy with the stretch of low temps.

  11. I love the horses, of course being from horse country in KY;') I think that your spring rolls look fabulous. Love them and I need to try my hand at making them again sometime soon~

  12. Your spring rolls look delicious! I made them a couple of years ago, but did the deep fried variety - tasty but not healthy (I like both kinds). My recipe made 50+ spring rolls and I planned to freeze the left overs, but Doug (my husband) and I ate them in a couple of days - they were very small :)
    We're suffering through the deep freeze too. Should break soon...

  13. As I just heard the Barefoot Contessa say...she NEVER tries a new recipe for potlucks or company. Sound advice! :)


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