Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting Back in the Groove....

 I spent most of yesterday picking out pictures for my 2012 review, but managed to make a pot of soup.  Lots of veggies and barley.
Dinner was that and sandwiches.
 Sidney spent the day inside and kept me company.

 Gary got out our cross country skiis and broke a trail...I did not go with him, but think my knee can take it this year.
 This morning it was extra cold...a few places around here were in the single digits.

 Gar helped me with stalls and they were fluffed up with some new shavings.

 Around 10:30 we ran a couple of errands and headed over to Agape.  First time in two and a half weeks.  Felt good to be back.
 Got back home a little before 12:30 and put my butt next to the fire.
Gucci and Phoebe napped in their "bunk bed."
 I was so cozy, it took some energy to get bundled up to go out for evening chores.  Tonight it could go down to 8 degrees.
 Big snow flakes were falling when I walked back to the house.

Dinner....a salad with romaine, craisins, orange, almonds and crumbly blue...
 along with (you guessed it)....leftover soup from last night.  It tasted even better.
 Now it's time to get under a blanket on the couch.
Night all.

I love all my new family members....Buttons, Jo, Feral Woman and all the rest of you who made it through my post.


  1. Brrrrr. Cold here, too. Stay cozy, Lori!

  2. Cold here in KY too. We have been parked by the wood stove most of the day!

  3. How I remember Rochester cold! I don't need cook books anymore. Just drop by Skoog Farm and see what's cooking! That's my inspiration!

  4. I am so glad you are feeling like you are back on track. I hope you get out on the cross country skis soon. I have fond memories of skiing around Hilton with my Aunt.
    Stay warm - the soup looks very warming! Yum!

  5. I have been admiring your light-strung arch...is it made of grapevine? Very natural and rustic, yet whimsical.

  6. Berlin, Miss Header Girl! So nice to see you up there.

  7. Stephen...the archway is made of vines that we have pulled off our windmill and some old trees out back. Not necessarily grapevines.

    Strawberry Lane, what is your connection with Rochester?

  8. Frigid here too. I lusted after your X country skies though!

    I can only use them on the ridge tops and flatter areas.

    When you pick out your best 2012 photos, you should make them into a calendar for yourself!
    I do that each year!


  9. Morning Lori I was looking at the photos and became fixated on the food photos you always make me appreciate food it is always well displayed and delicious looking. Someday I will be coming for lunch:) HUG B

  10. Lovely series of shots.

  11. I enjoyed the glimpse into your day from start to a perfect finish!

  12. Nice shots today. I love how everyone gets comfy around your house. Bunk beds - too cute : )

  13. Lovely post and I can relate to the workout - back to Nia today after 2 weeks - wow, felt good but I'm not sure I'll be that agreeable tomorrow! LOL


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