Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bridge Today....

 Good morning Sophie...

 At 11:30 I drove down to the village...first to Agape,
then to an afternoon of duplicate bridge.
 We take turns hosting.  Andrea still had beautiful flowers in the back garden.

 You can always count on lots of goodies...like this orange cake (among other things).
 One of the card tables was covered with a table cloth that had directions on it.  Do you play?

 This car belongs to the man of the house...his hobby.

 Had to go to Weggies on the way home.  Made it just in time for chores.

 When I was on my way back to the house, we had some visitors stop by.
 Our friend Lais brought up her niece and nephew, who are visiting from Brazil.
 We spent a lot of time talking about the Erie Canal.
 Fortunately a fire was going so the kitchen was cozy.
 When they left,  Gary made breakfast for dinner.
Time to head for the couch so I can watch the debate.
Night all.


  1. love those bricks in that planter.

  2. Beautiful sunlight. When does the canal close?

  3. Is the planter in your friend's garden an old well head?

  4. Beautiful photos you share. Happy sky watching.


  5. Thanks for your compassion about Brett. He's had a difficult time with the prospect of losing Flash as a trail partner. He's doing better each day; coming to terms with it. My fall(s) yesterday shifted his focus a bit. Flash has been a great partner and teacher for Brett, for many years. He's earned a good retirement.


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