Saturday, May 5, 2012


 Only in the 50s today....perfect.
Gary helped me with chores and we were done in no time.
When he left for coffee, I started weeding a couple of gardens.
Does anyone else have this HORRENDOUS weed?  It's thick, tall, stickie and chokes everything. 
We had such a warm winter it is worse than ever.

 At 11:15 I left for the library to finish preparing for the art opening.  
You can catch the show in the post below.

Home a little after 3.
Did chores early as Jenny wanted us to go with her to dinner at Stephen's Loft.

 The girls were ready to chow.

 I soaked Abbe's foot in a bucket of cold water this morning and tonight.  She is such a good girl...no halter, not tied.  She just stands there for me (in her stall) while we wait for Berlin to finish her grain.
I think being in and out 24/7 is helping her....moving.

 Finished up quickly so I could get in the house before the Kentucky Derby started.  20 horses!
So afraid something bad would happen with such a full field.
And the winner......

 When it was over, we picked up Jen and got to the restaurant in time to hook up with Tina and Roger.
Khalid (drummer) was also there with Marcia and another drummer who was visiting from Florida.

I forgot to take a picture of the salad, but did remember to shoot the rest of the meal.
 Jenny had two appetizers...the first was a crab cake and the second was this mushroom and goat cheese thingeeee.
 I had Chicken French....
 and Gary had a chicken breast stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach and I don't remember what else.
 The three of us split a cranberry/orange bread pudding for dessert.  Finished us off.

As expected, the moon was out of control stupendous by the time we got back to the farm.

That's it.  No major committments for the next week...just pre-ops with my Doctor and the hospital and a visit from the Home Care person.  I'm going to shoot for 4 days at Agape and will make sure the house is clean, the cupboards are full and there is plenty of grub for the ponies, dogs and cats.
I'm supposed to take shorts and t-shirts to the hospital.  No ugly hospital gowns for me.  Won't you be glad when I don't have to talk about this anymore?
Night all.


  1. I don't think I have ever seen the moon look like that. My daughter told me we needed to look at the moon last night because it was supposed to be brighter than ever. Just our luck it was cloudy : ( Dinner looks great as always.

  2. Brett took shorts to the hospital too. Abbe looks a little gimpy on the video. I'm glad she stands for you when you soak her leg. What day is your surgery?

  3. Lori, that sticky weed sure travels, we have it at our place in abundance, and it STICKS. Great weather here, cool in the morning, lovely sunny days, time to walk the street, take photos of autumn leaves and more. and there you have tulips and more in lovely psring flower. As always I so enjoy your photos and news. Cheers from Jean.

  4. I was pullin' for Union Rags... Maine Wyeth roots. Oh, and the white horse. NEVER had a 'white' winner EVER. That would have been cool. Hey, any horse can win. Look at the winner. Where did he come from? Where did the jockey come from? Outta nowhere.

  5. Being from around Louisville, I love the Derby, but have to admit to holding my breath during the race because I just hope nothing happens. Thankfully nothing did! I hope your Sunday is an enjoyable one!

  6. For a smile sent from Florida, check the "horesy set" at www.TampaFloridaPhoto.blogspot.com. We found these young ladies near the water yesterday...busily unloading their horses and preparing for what we don't know. We aren't in Kansas anymore. It's hot here!
    Thinking of you in the days ahead!

  7. That food looks AWESOME - Love bread pudding too but only have had the traditional kind.


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