Thursday, May 3, 2012


  A very foggy morning.
 Lily has not asked to come in the house since the weather has improved.

 The girls were in the pasture when I went out to the barn, but as soon as they saw me they were ready to come in for grain.  I think they will like this in and out 24/7.  Last night I went out to check on them and they were in the barn.  Quick studies.

 It was supposed to hit 80 today, but I don't think it did.  Humidity kicked in.
 Ran some errands...Wegman's lawn is looking good.
 Back to the farm and mowed the lawn before going down to the Senior Center to finish the preparations for the Spag Dinner.

 My pals helped me in the kitchen.
 We had a good time and were so organized there was no pressure.

 By the time it was our turn to eat, we were starving and the food tasted great.
 Today Gary spent some time showing his friend Jim K., around.  He's here to make a presentation at the village hall tomorrow morning and will be attending First Friday.
 They hooked up with the Carbones and headed down to the Stoneyard for some dinner.
 I drove by to take some pictures before going home.
 The moon was high in the sky a little after 7.

 The dogs and I went out to door chores and it is crash time.

Night all.


  1. That light is so pretty - and is tomorrow the Day of the Knee? I'll be beaming you extra good vibes . . .xx

  2. Brett tried putting Bella in a stall in the barn but she jumped out. Electric fencing doesn't slow her down. The hobble Brett bought didn't work either. I'd like to keep her but we just can't keep her safe and I can't take the continued heart attacks.

  3. Really superb photos today Lori. Love the fog most of all but the horses come in a close second.

  4. Your days are so busy but always so interesting, and I like pictures of the common things that you show!

  5. There are very beautiful spring colours. The foggy picture is great too.
    I'm surprised to see the horses have their mask. Here, as it is cold at night, there are no many flies actually. But they will come soon with the summer weather.
    See you soon

  6. Holy crap that first picture is something else!

  7. The fog gives such mystery to the place. That tree is beautiful!! Does it make a mess when the blossoms die off? What warmth you are having. Still freezing here. Looking forward to thawing out!


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