Friday, May 4, 2012


 Did not remember to do a SkyWatch photo.

 Each day I try to do something extra so Gary won't have to do it while he has chore duty.
Today I cleaned out some of the hay and mulched the rest under the shed roof.

A little before 10 I arrived at the village hall for a presentation by James Kunstler.  Gary was in charge of introductions.
 They had a great time over the past couple of days touring Brockport. 
 Ray Duncan, the director of Walk Bike Brockport, had a few words to say about what that organization has done to make our village a more walkable community.
 Jim's presentation was about sustainability and the changes we have to make in order
for our society to sustain itself.  We have to rethink the way we do things.  Gary calls him a "futurist."  Have to say that I loved his message and agree with his logic...he had us wrapped for 2 full hours.  He has met with great success as a writer, since graduating from Brockport in 1971 and has written nine novels and three nonfiction books with more on the way.  What an interesting man.
He's a painter, plays the fiddle, loves to cook and is developing an amazing garden...has rescued a mutt, travels all over the country to speak, shoots from the hip and is a real communicator.  Awhile ago he was a guest on the Steven Colbert show.  He does it all.  And guess what!  He knows Jon Katz of Bedlam Farm fame...lives near him and they lunch together once in awhile.
 At 12:30 10 of us went to Stephen's Loft for lunch.


 After that I had an appointment with the massage therapist.  Last one for quite awhile.

And that was just the beginning of my day.

 Drove past the Welcome Center on my way south, to pick up Jim so he could make an appearance at First Friday.
 The Lift Bridge Book Shop had a table loaded with his books so they could be signed when they were purchased.  Here are a few samples.

Many had the opportunity to speak with him.
 Once again there was plenty of food and drink.

 Not too long ago, one of Brockport's greatest supporters passed away....George Rich.  Above is his wife...Rosie.  Today a photograph was permanently put on display in the Alumni House as a sign of gratitude for all he had done for the college.
 Jenny survived the plane ride back from Las Vegas yesterday and managed to show up today.
They flew through the night (Wednesday) and arrived Thursday morning with no sleep.  She's a good supporter of her Dad.

 Gary stayed and cleaned up....I went home.
The dogs and I went out to do evening chores....then Gary and I had one more thing to do.

 We took a rhubarb plant over to Jim so he could plant it in his garden.  He was staying with friends at one of the most beautiful stone houses in the area.

 Finally home for good at 8:30 and had leftovers for dinner.
 and that's all she wrote.....
Night all.
(anyone who reads all of this has to be as tired as I am)


  1. That stone house is so lovely and inviting. I'd love to take a peek in the windows. No concern for the residents though because I'm states away.

    One of your photos momentarily stunned me. You mentioned that you and Gary had one more thing to do, then I saw your sweet black and white kitty lying on the ground. I thought something had happened to it. I was relieved to see its adorable little mug in a later photo. Silly me.

    The richness of your life always amazes me. Another nice post. . .

  2. That is a very full Friday. I can imagine how exhausted you must be. Hopefully Saturday is a little more low-key for you.

  3. You're lucky to live in a community that is so vibrant and interesting. I'll have to check out Jim Kunstler's books. And yes, it was a long day - but sounds like it was worth all the effort. Hope you take it easy this weekend!

  4. I really don't know how you do it all and fit it into one day. Love the stone house they've always intrigued me.

    It sounds like you've got everything under control and Gary should have no problem with the chores for a while. I guess it won't be long now.

    Wonderful pictures as usual.

  5. You are an in-spir-a-tion, Lori! What a day! (I say that a lot, don't I?") xx


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