Saturday, April 21, 2012


 Come on Mom!  You're late!

 A cold and wet morning.  Put the sheets on and didn't Berlin and Abbe stay out in the rain all day.

 Phoebe and Gucci were smart enough to stay under the shed roof while I did chores.

My friend Joan came out to the farm around 12:45 and we went down to drumming with Khalid.
She has been participating with our Sunday afternoon group for quite awhile and had some knowledge as to what she could expect.  The only difference....when you drum with him it's like a marathon, and believe me, you get a workout.

 She had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and we had a great time.

Some day I want to try playing the three bass drums with sticks.  Below is Marcia...
she really knows what she is doing.

 Stopped at Wegmans on the way home....cat food and sesame chicken for dinner.  Just sounded good on this very dismal day.

Went out to do chores early.  The girls were soaked and I took off their sheets.
They told me they were very happy to get into the barn.

 I will be interested in knowing how much rain we will have gotten when it stops. 

 One thing is certain.  Everything is growing like crazy.

 The pups were waiting for me on the side porch...didn't like getting wet.

 So for dinner, I steamed some carrots and threw them in with the sesame chicken....finished the lomain when I got back from the barn.  Added some frozen peas.  I know, I'm a wacko as I love to have a side of bananas with Chinese food.

 Gary has a nice fire going and I'm going to get in my pjs.

Got my new camera going (at last...with help from SONY) and will have to get used to it.   Seems very bright, but that's ok.  Do you think we have enough "stuff" in our kitchen?
Over and out.
Night all.


  1. That header has notecard all over it.
    Are those daylilies in the pergola photo? Holy cow!
    Give Abbe a scratch for me.

  2. We were short on moisture here too. Even after 2" of rain we still may be.

    We are having a cold spell right now.

  3. I love how open your kitchen is. Looks like some muddy paws on the pups. How is Abbé?

  4. Your black and white cat looks so much like one of mine. He likes to be with me when I work in the pony stable and he also likes to sleep in the hay in the barn :)

  5. As usual I love a visit to your lovely farm, Lori. Your pups are very clever to stay on the porch out of the rain. Have a great week ahead. Hugs Jo

  6. I do like the first picture with the black and white cat before the pink flowers. Yoy have a great and pleasant kitchen.

  7. We finally got some rain also. I've been shivering with the cold and dampness but won't complain as I know how much we needed the moisture.

  8. That is a lovely picture of Sidney in the window with the blossom outside. And your kitchen looks very spacious, or is that the effect of the new camera?

  9. Love the horses n fog shot. Awesome. and the Chinese food !

  10. That kitchen has COZY written all over it. xx


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