Friday, April 27, 2012


 Every morning Abbe is the first to be let out of her stall.
 Today she went over by Berlin's to see if she could find some extra grub.
 Berlin said no deal.
 It was so cold with the wind, I could not believe it.
 Finished all my duties and went down to Agapes.
 On the way home I stopped at Country Max to pick up some feed and bedding.

At 4, we picked up Jenny and the boys.
 Time to head out to Nevada to visit Aunt Steph, Big Joe, Ariana and Daniela.
 The Rochester Airport is only a 20 minute ride.
 They were all in charge of their own carry-ons.  Very manageable since they have wheels.
 Grampa gave last minute instructions regarding good behavior on the plane.....

 and they were off.
 We stopped a a diner on the way home, so I did not have to cook.

Went out to do chores a little before 8.  This was the best part of the day.
 The girls were ready.

Can you see that raised section above Abbe's heel?
 That is what we are dealing with.
After the ultrasound, I received notes on the visit.  "injury to straight sesamoidean ligaments, superficial digital flexor tendon, and possible oblique sesamoiodean ligament RH."
Basically, she did something to her tendon a long time ago and there is probably some scar tissue in there that is making it difficult for her to drop weight down into her heel. She has been sound off and of for the last year and a half.  Rideability is in question.  Her leg has not been swollen, no temperature, not down acting, eats normally.  My friend Andrea has some ideas as to how I can try to improve this area and I am going to try it.  She took on a horse years ago who had totally severed tendons in the same leg.  I trailered it to the Vet's clinic (one of them wanted to work with him) and he could not control the position of his foot...just flopped.  After 18 months of treating him (Andrea is licensed by the British Horse Society and is by far the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to horses) he was sound and is rideable today.  I'm happy to take her advise and will be starting her suggestions tomorrow.

 A very busy week is coming up.
Night all.


  1. I hope you post about how you are treating Abbe's leg. I'm very curious! Those tendon injuries are a bear -- but it can be done. Auke had one and it took a long time but I did get him back to 100% sound. I'm sure it depends on the location and severity of the injury too. Did Jen go with the boys or are they flying solo? They are going to have a blast!

  2. Good luck with the treatment. I hope your efforts pay off.

  3. I love your header, Lori. Great to see the young lads heading out on their own to visit relations. Sorry about Abbe's heel. BTW I looked at the same moon here from EA last night! Have a great weekend. Jo

  4. Looks like you'll be extra busy in the barn this week.

  5. I am so hopeful for Abbe. Sounds like you have a wonderful person helping you. What a relief to figure it all out.

  6. Best of luck with Abbe. I am hopeful for a full recovery.
    What an adventure the boys will have!

  7. How exciting for the boys to get to fly. For a minute there, I thought you were going too. Sorry about the foot problems. It will be interesting to see if it improves.


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