Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sankofa is an African Dancing and Drumming Ensemble that is part of the Dance Department at SUNY Brockport.  Tonight I went down to do a photoshoot of the dress rehearsal.

Clyde Morgan and Khalid Saleem are both great gifts...not only
to SUNY Brockport, but also to our community.  Every spring
they put on an amazing production.

The four performances are usually sold out in advance as it is 
such a popular presentation.  Here is a preview.

 Before you watch the two videos I have posted, don't forget to turn off the radio.  If you have not
figured it out yet, you will hear why I love African drumming.

I sure hope you have your tickets.
More to come when I sort out my photos.


  1. The photos are fab! I love the sense of movement.

  2. Wow! Amazing and beeeeuteeeful! You are a documentarian yourself . . .


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