Monday, April 2, 2012


We woke up to frost this morning.

There were frozen droplets on all the plants.

Fortunately the sun was strong.

 Only in the 30s until late afternoon....some wind.

 Look at what was on the front page of our local little paper.  13 golden doodles from one litter.
Could they be more precious?

Went to the bank, Wegmans and headed to Stephen's Loft for lunch.

 Met Sally and Judy.

We sat next to the window overlooking Main Street.

Below is a Beef Wellington Purse with caramelized onions.

A traditional Reuben....

Crab cakes on mixed greens....

Here is the dessert tray.  
We split the top one....bread pudding with dried cranberries and strawberry jam.
Everything was beautifully presented and delicious.

Steve is on the money with all his meals.

When we left, Mary Pat walked by and of course I had to take her picture.  She never gets by me.

 The three of them chatted and I left for home.

Picked more posies that were flat on the ground from the frost.

Louise stopped up for a few minutes, to return the cookbook I loaned her (from Annette).
Had a cuppa tea and started on dinner.

Stuffed red peppers, mixed green salad and a hunk of bread.

After we ate I went out to do chores.

It hit the high 40s...50 in some places.

Sid has taken over Lily's throne.

 Berlin's coat is so gorgeous.

 Abbe continues to roll in the dirt and is shedding like crazy.  Tomorrow, no sheets.

 It was still bright when I got back in the house.

Last years geraniums are getting ready to bloom.
So much for today.
Night all.


  1. That restaurant looks like a lovely place to eat.

  2. I hope we recover from the cold weather as well as you did!
    Berlin does indeed have a beautiful coat.

  3. Beautiful day! We had frost this morning too, but it warmed up to 60. Nice! -- mountain weather: cold nights, warm days.

  4. We are supposed to have frost warnings for the next three nights! Of course everything is slightly ahead of schedule due to the warm weather we have been having.

    Tough on the critters and plants as they are not used to such wild swings in temps!

  5. Love that everything springs to life in your area! Love all the blooms and fresh greenery! In Florida it is just hot. Hot and green but hot and humid none the less. Its gonna be a long summer!

  6. Wow, fantastic photos of a gorgeous day. Your food photos are scrumptious. . . as usual.

  7. Love your flowers. We eventually warmed up to the 50's today. Berlin is a handsome boy with a beautiful coat. Ours are still shedding like Abbe and seem so itchy. All that food looks delicious.


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