Saturday, April 7, 2012


 Abbe finished her grain first and was waiting for Berlin.
 No sheets today with all that solar energy beaming down.
 Finished chores by 8am and decided to take a look at some camera options.
(Did not get one-my old one wimped along for the rest of the day).
 Phoebe and Gucci joined me, as they love to go in the car.
Those white blossoms are at their peak now.  (Entrance to Wegmans).

 Home just in time to take a very fast shower so I could get down to Judy's for Tai Chi and lunch.

By the end of our next class we should really have a handle on it.
Lunch on the porch.  A perfect day for it.  Thank you Judy, it was scrumptious.
 Homemade beef/vegetable soup, salad and some crusty bread.

 From there I went to drumming.  Khalid brought out "Bubba" (he made out of a 55 gallon drum).
The sound was very deep.

When I got there, they were really cookin'.

I would love to play the three bass drums with sticks.  Does that not sound cool or what????
I think a lot of you would really like drumming.....

Fed the ponies at 5 as we had a dinner engagement.
 So beautiful, I put them back out for awhile.
 Got down to Alicia and Herb's by 6.

This was not going to be an ordinary dinner.

 Gary, Carol, Topper and I were going to have a new experience.
 We learned all about Passover.
Alicia outdid herself.
 The meal had many courses.

We really enjoyed learning about their customs and listened to many stories.
 Home just before 10 and the moon was GIGANTIC! 
Grabbed some shots when I went out to put the horses in.

A very busy day.
Night all.


  1. Busy day! The Passover Seder sounds wonderful.

  2. Spring is on its way to your place,warmer days, no covers, white blossom. Lovely to look at from down under.Hope the camera is holding its own for now. Cheers from Jean.

  3. What a great variety of photos--love them all!! Those moon shots are awesome. Happy Easter. Mickie :)

  4. Wowzer! You packed a lot into that day. Loved the drumming. Who wouldn't? Happy Easter Lori.

  5. Gorgeous moon shots - miraculous that orb suspended so beautifully . . .

  6. What a special treat that Passover meal must have been!

  7. Beautiful moon shots. Someone mention it was full, but I never took the time to go out and see it.


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