Thursday, April 26, 2012


Guess I got home too late to get my Wednesday post up in time.  But here's how the day went.
We had sunshine.  Yey!!!!!!  Sidney decided to curl up in the hay I put out for the horses.
Abbe was a little better this morning after just 1 gram of bute last night.
She was actually putting weight on her foot.
I got notes on what the Vet discovered and it is possible that she may not be sound enough to ride.
We shall see what I can do to improve her condition 
(by using some suggestions made by my horse pal, Andrea)
Can you see my pond (outdoor arena) through the fence?

The blossoms on the weeping crab apple trees survived.  Lucky break.
Chorus at 10.
Isn't this picture a riot?  We are singing Sixties With A Twist and it requires that hippy look.
Woody played his guitar and I was drumming.
Stopped at Wegmans and got home in time for lunch.
Went out about three with the dogs.  So nice to have a perkier day.
The kittys were not complaining.
Got things ready for chores so Gary could put the horses in for me tonight.
Look at Miss Piggy.

Headed down to the college to do a photoshoot (see post below) and had the pleasure of meeting
Gustavo Gelmini from Rio.  He's up here shooting a documentary about Afro/Brazilian Dance.
What an interesting guy!  I hope I get to see the end product.  He goes all around the world
doing this with different projects.  I have to check out his website.
That's it.
Night all.

Check out Sankofa and turn off the radio so you can here some good sounds.


  1. After that squally weather it's good to see (and feel) the sunshine.

  2. The sixties... They were the happy years, the flowers'time ! What good remembrances !

  3. The music you are doing in chorus looks like fun! Yay for sunshine -- send some to us! Your crab apple tree in bloom is amazing. So many blossoms -- I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. It must be very happy.

  4. So glad Abbe is showing some improvement. I was quite concerned.

  5. always such a healing visit to Skoog Farm-

    Thank YOU

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>


  6. Glad Abbe is doing better. . . I love seeing pictures of her and her companion.

    Lovely photos. The one with the tulips in the foreground is especially pretty.

    I'm glad that you got some sunshine. It certainly makes a difference.

  7. Good to see everything survived your crazy snow storm. Sorry to hear about Abbe.


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