Thursday, April 26, 2012


 Not the most beautiful morning.

 After chores I went down to Agape.  I usually start out on a bike for 15 minutes as a warm up.
 My friend Sara was there doing some water therapy and she brought me a big container
of white chili. She said I should put it in the freezer and leave it there until I get home from
the hospital.  Sounds good to me.
 After working out, Sally and I went to Stephen's Loft for lunch.  It's on the second floor and we decided I'd better get there while I can still negotiate the stairs.  We had a table by the window.
 This was the view.
 We both had a chicken sandwich.
 No room for dessert....all homemade.
 Had parked my car in front of Arjuna.  Could not resist snapping a few pictures.
 This dog goes to work with the owner of the bike shop.  He hangs out all day and has great manners.
 Took it easy until chore time.  By then it was raining, so I put the girls in early.
 Took a very quick...HOT shower and we headed down to the Alumni House for a reception sponsored by the Brockport Foundation.  Great food and free tickets to Sankofa.
 Brockport has a catering service called Garnishes.  It is run by a real chef and they know how to do things just right.  This is what they served us tonight.

After that, we all went over to the Hartwell Dance Theater.
 Clyde was schmoozing before the show.
 And what a show it was.

I did short clips of all the dances.  Here's an example.

Ran into Gustavo Gelmini, the man doing the documentary I wrote about.  He leaves tomorrow at 5am for Rio and said he will keep in touch.
How sweet it is to live in a small town that is bursting with culture.
Night all.


  1. Wonderful food. A real food festival !

  2. Your town is bursting with culture! We have to drive at least an hour to find any here.

  3. What Annette said, only farther!

  4. Love that you love your great town! And I think I've gained 5 pounds just from looking at your pics tonight! xx


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