Saturday, March 10, 2012


 It was crispy out there this morning.
 And look at that powdered sugar on the ground.
 The high was supposed to be in the 30s today and that's where it stayed.
 Gary helped me with chores and we were done by 8:30.
 He went down to Java for coffee and conversation.  Last night our mayor and her boyfriend were arrested and it is the talk of the town.  They even put it in the Wall Street Journal today.  We shall see what really happens.

I, who never liked breakfast, started eating it regularly when the stomach bug arrived.  This morning I had poached eggs on toast.
 After I watched Lidia on PBS (cooking show), left for the college and drumming.  It was cancelled last week and today we were back in business.

 Khalid is really challenging us.

By the time I got home (4:30) the sky was gorgeous (again) and there was not a trace of snow.

 Geese were flying all over the place and the ponies were going in a little early.

 We were invited to Jenny's for dinner.

Finn and Coop had a guest over for the night (Joe M.) and they had the simplified version of our dinner.  Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and a bowl of raw carrots.

We, on the other hand, had a fabulous salad....

 Chicken Marsala...

 mashed potatoes and peas.
 Everything was made to perfection and tasted great!  Both of our daughters are great cooks!

I made a banana cream pie for dessert.

Remember Ice (one of Jenny's dogs)?  He was diagnosed with Addisons Disease and almost died over a month ago.  His heart beat was about down to nothing when he was carried into the animal hospital.
Many dollars later, and with good care....he is doing very well.
 As we were leaving, Jenny was getting ready to go sit by the fire.
Home by 8:30...looking forward to the next 6 days that will start out in the 60s and go down to the high 50s.  

Night all.
Don't forget to change your clocks!


  1. The drumming is great, and your videos so good.I still struggle with mine. Wonderful that Ice is doing so well.Great meals,and now I read so many USA blogs, I found a thermometer that has both F and C, so can easily see just how VERY cold your day started out.Cheers from Jean, I will be away for 2 weeks from Tuesday, so no comments for a while, no internet where we go, so I will have lots to catch up on when I return to civilisation !!!

  2. That pie picture has my stomach growling -- seriously! I googled your mayor... she would fit right in here in California, sad to say. Lots of that sort of behavior going on in our neck of the woods.

  3. Love that first photo of the sun rise. It was in the high 50s F here and sunny yesterday. Even in my sickly state, I couldn't resist going for a walk in the park with the Brew Babes yesterday. The sun felt so good! The food, as always, looks amazing.

  4. Ohmygosh, that fooooood! So delish-looking. I wonder if your horses will be confused by the time change - and I can't believe you're going to have such a warm week coming up -- trees and plants are going to go crazy!

  5. Good news on Ice. I've not heard of Addison's. Always something...

  6. So there are sordid details about a small town in upstate New York...Hmm...just being nosy I guess....We saw geese flying tonight at the beach and Jim snapped a slew of pics he is going to post about them...check it our some time this week...some cool shots! Pls may I have some banana cream pie!!!

  7. So glad to hear the good news on Ice. I wondered how he was doing.

    It is finally warm here, and the pastures are covered with standing water.

  8. That last shot of the chair by the fire looks very comfortable. I could see myself spending a lot of time there!

    I read some of the articles about the mayor and they were interesting. 14 counts is quite a bit to leave unnoticed especially when they are violations of a city code that a mayor helps develop/enforce. Was this a canidate that you supported? Some comments were in an unroar about "the law that states no more than three unrelated people can live in one home"... as not being the business of the village, but it really is especially with a college. You could easily find yourself in a situation when 5,6,7 or more college kids are sharing the rent of a house meant for 4 to save a buck. Somehow that always leads to trouble. If she was renting to too many students which broke the code then she obviously wasn't follow the guidelines I read in "Multiple Residency
    Inspections" brochure (or she would have been inspected and caught long ago). Also, telling the tennants to park down the road?! I read another comment that said that Brockport has had more than it's share of crooked politics. That surprised me... I always got the impression that is was a mellow place, but it looks like you have the same issues we all have. Well...I guess if this wasn't one of your canidates...maybe she'll be replaced by one you like. :)


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