Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 One ugmo morning.  Did the chores and went down to Chorus for a 10am rehearsal.
 It was a lot different from our last one (which was terrific).
 Another stop at Wegmans, then on to Country Max for some Safe Choice and Beet Pulp.  More weird weather.  First we had snow.

 Then it turned into a downpour.
 Put the ponies in early...

 They were a little wet!

 At the last minute I invited Randy and Arlene to dinner and they were game.
 A big salad (mixed greens, dried cranberries, apricots, apple and crumbly blue)...
 and chicken soup.
 Grilled the bread....and Arlene brought their home canned peaches and pound cake for dessert.
 A simple comfort food meal.  Yummy.

Afterward we played Sequence and for the millionth time Randy and Gary won.
 There were a lot of cat naps going on.

Now it's time for me to catch one.
Night all.


  1. pound cake with fruit is the best. If we lived closer to each other we'd spend all our time eating!

  2. Your kitties sure do have a rough life..ha ha. They look very content. Oh (I forgot to put this on the previous post) My horses look just as muddy as yours. This mud has got to go.

  3. Yum.
    Nice to see the kitties.

  4. Food, food, gimme the food, yummmmm. And the snow/rain - I'd rather have the snow than the rain. You?

  5. Lori, you have a good eye when taking pictures of food - always looks so delish and makes one salivate. Never heard of Sequence and no idea how it's played but it sure looks like a nice way to spend the night with friends....


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