Sunday, June 26, 2011


 It was pretty grey this morning, but no rain.
 Barb and I got through chores quickly...the ponies had their choice of 3 pastures.
 Wandered back to the house....

 Everywhere I look, there are yellow blossoms.

 When Gary got home from coffee I asked him to cut down some branches that hit me in the face when I'm mowing.  Turned into a big project....but worth it.

 Picked lots of spinach and washed it.  Had to take a salad to a party later.
 By late afternoon it started clearing up a bit.

 Barb came back to give Mustafa a bath.
 More yellow flowers....
 white ones too.

Did evening chores...fed the dogs and cats....took a shower, and made the salad.

It was a summer solstice party put on by Margay and Ulpi.  We also celebrated her election to the Village Board.
 The food is always great.
 Here's our hostess.
 and some of the 50 or so guests.

 The back yard is straight out of Better Homes and Gardens.

 Gar and Jenny were big into schmoozing.

And now for a couple examples of the food....
 The dip for these strawberries was unlike anything I've ever tasted.   Come to find out, my friend Sally
made it....cream cheese, a little confectionery sugar, almond extract and toasted almonds.

 Ulpi...our host.

 The flower gardens were outstanding.

 Plenty of snappy patter.

 Lots of laughs.

 Hanny (who helped Margay with her campaign), presented her with these beautiful roses when she won.  It was a very important win and should have a positive impact on our community.
 I always have to take pictures of the Deat's House which is next door.  So interesting!

 Does that sculpture look familiar?

 When it was time to go, Jenny informed us that she rode her bike to the party...wearing a short dress and heels.  She put on her helmet and was off!!!!

She got home before we did.
I shot some examples of the architecture on the street as we walked to our car.

 Is Brockport a cool community or what?
Home by 8:30.  Put the horses in and I'm ready for a nap.
Night all.


  1. I always enjoy your pictures but i normaly scroll all the way down untill i see what you eat! haha
    i know pretty bad, but i just love to see what you made (or had) cause it always looks sooooo tasty!


  2. What a lovely party! It looks like you got a good deal more sun than we did. Here, it was cloudy most of the day.

    Did you get the recipe for that strawberry dip?

  3. Glad you liked my strawberries...the dip was cream cheese, a little confectioners sugar, almond extract, and chopped toasted almonds. Sorry to miss you, I had to leave early.

  4. Yes, Brockport is a very cool community! Yum pics as usual--our 'yellows' are blooming now, too, as are the hydrangeas. Your food pics made me hunnnngry.

  5. From quiet homes and first beginning,
    Out to the undiscovered ends,
    There's nothing worth the work of winning,
    Save laughter, and the love of friends.

  6. I know I've said this before, but what a lovely town you live in.


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