Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 I don't know if the horses heard the weather report or what, but they did not want to leave the barn this morning.  They kept hanging around the run-in.
 When I was finished with the stalls, I finally got them to try the pasture.  Supposed to be in the mid eighties today.

Today I started holding my class at 10:30 instead of 2.  It's much cooler then. The Studio Barn was very comfortable.
 A new student joined the group....welcome Judy (she is also in our chorus)!

 Sandy even made it!

 Tina worked on her cow and calf.

 I start all new students with a few contour line drawing exercises...Judy had no trouble whatsoever.
She is going to be a quick study.

 Jean was working on another 6x6 ink drawing of a snail.  Outstanding textures.

 Sandy worked on a drawing of one of her cats.

 Ta daaaaa...Tina was 95% finished by the end of class.

 Madonna was working on a birthday book for her granddaughter Macy.
 She has done this for all of her grandchildren and they love them.

Had lunch and went down to Jen's to let the dogs out.
 Wow!  Her Peony bush was in full bloom.

 Ice and Buster were not excited about being out for long...it was much cooler in the house.

This video is a clue as to where I went next.

 After that I stopped to pick up 5000 tickets for the Duck Derby...
 I had to grab my camera!
 These gorgeous blossoms were next to the doorbell.
 Could not resist.

Then, a quick stop at the Welcome Center.  Doug, Sal and Kyle were on duty.
 We are getting more and more activity on the Canal.
 Two of these rental boats were docked for the night.
 You can learn a lot about the Erie Canal by clicking on my sidebar (up near the top).

 From there I went to the Senior Center to pick up a CD from our chorus concert.
 The front garden was bursting with color.

 I finally got back to the farm a little after 4.  Phoebe and Gucci were happy to see me.

They spent the afternoon under the fan in the sunny living room.

Bridge at 7:15.  The last meeting until September.
Hey Sally, look at this ridiculous hand I dealt myself.  What would you do?
 I think that's it for now.

 Betty had lots of goodies for us....
Like this black forrest somethin' or other cake....amazing.

Home around 11 and took a couple of shots in the dark.

Night all.


  1. Gorgeous flowers. That's the best part about spring and summer. Color! Too bad it's so hot so early we've got the 90's here. Yuck.

    So nice that the ladies have a place to work with their talent. Have a great week.

  2. Those peonies and rhododendrons knock out my eyeballs--wow!

  3. Oh, man, I want a big bowl of those berries!

  4. The flowers are very pretty.

  5. How about a one club bid....see if your partner has a four card major. If she bids a heart, rebid the club...who knows, maybe she'll answer with a spade and you have a perfect fit. Or maybe, she has five hearts and rebids them!

    Hope you had good hands at the Bridge table.

  6. Once again a fab day in Skoogland...those flowers are exquisite and love the goldfish.

  7. Tell Tina her picture looks as amazing as those flowers must smell!

  8. I love seeing your students work! So beautiful! That foxglove at night is fabulous! Stay cool.

  9. My two horse/mule have been spending more time in the shade of the barn too. Smart, I certainly don't blame them.


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