Thursday, June 16, 2011


 For some reason I woke up at 5:20am!  It was this light out.
 Bermuda, our 18 year old cat, was ready for breakfast.
 All I wanted to do was go back to sleep...minor problem, I couldn't.

Ended up doing chores early.  Barb was off to meet the vet to get some shots and a coggins for her new horse...Grace.  Can't wait to see her.  I toughed it out (no problem) and did chores by myself.
 It didn't take me long to wind things up.
 The ponies were out in the pasture by 8:15.

 It was a perfect morning for mowing, so I tackled the big pasture.
 Got in the house at 9:27 and was supposed to be at the Brockport Animal Hospital by 9:30.  No time to change my clothes...put the dogs in the car and was there by 9:36.  Gucci and Phoebe needed their heartworm tests (negative) and the Phoebster needed a shot and her annual check up.  Add on the price of those heartworm pills and the bill was pretty hefty.  Why is it that I can worm a 1200 pound horse with ivermectin for $2.99 and It costs $60 for heartworm pills (which I believe are ivermectin) for 2 17 pound dogs?  Go figure.  The good news...there is not a better small animal vet anywhere.  Allen Edwards has always been there for any problems I have had with dogs or cats.  Full of compassion and so knowledgeable.
 Next, a quick stop at Weggies.
 Spent an hour on hold before I was able to speak to a person from the state about properly filling out a sales tax form online (my card business).  No more paper.  Required to file on line.  Then I worked on getting 350 cards signed, folded and wrapped for the Brockport Campus School Reunion (that's going to take a couple days or more)
Set the table and started on a simple dinner for Jen's birthday...tailored to the boy's taste buds.

 Strawberry shortcake for dessert.

 Have you noticed....we are eating spinach salads every night now?
 organic tater tots....
 corn on the cob....
 Finn and Coop had regular burgers....Jen, Gar and I had the veggie version.

 Jen left for a stock club meeting.  I did chores.
 The boys played a little bocce.
 Then it was money counting time.  The rolling of the big can of change....
 Had a lot of strawberry shortcake left, so I called Sally to see if she wanted a taste and a bag of spinach (we feed all our friends).  And she did.
 When all was said and done (and counted) the boys each want home with a bag of moola.  Fortunately they were willing to leave some of it for Ariana and Daniela when they come to the farm for a month.
It will be used for who knows what....the water park, ice cream, the movies blah blah blah.
And so it goes....
Night all.


  1. I love that shot of the dining table with the kitchen door open in the background. It looks so warm, and summery, and inviting.
    BTW, that rhubarb you sent me is HUGE! It's so tempting to cut a stalk but I know I mustn't.

  2. The strawberry shortcake was delish and the company delightful!

    Happy Birthday, Jen...

  3. That's quite an early morning!! Jen's dinner look fabulous. You guys really are great to see all the winter/summer games you play with the boys. They are very lucky.

  4. I loved seeing Bermuda! It's always a treat to be up with the sun, Lori. You had a full day. You are wonderful grandparents. What fun to count money with gramps and go home with your share. Have a great weekend, Lori. Blessings, Jo

  5. I am dreading buying the flea and heartworm meds for our dogs and cats. $$$$!

    The shortcake looks delicious!

  6. Happy Birthday to Jennifer, looks like you all had a lovely time. Love strawberry shortcake, made some last week for the grandkids (and myself).

  7. Yum! Your meals look as good as always. It was a lovely day yesterday, and here's hoping we get another today.

  8. Your children and grandchildren and friends and animals are so lucky to have you and Gar in their lives. And that dinner--mmmmmmmmm.


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