Friday, June 17, 2011


 Mustafa wanted Barb and I to step up the pace this morning.  He must have been hungry.
 Generally, he finishes his grain first and goes out to the front paddock.  In the meantime, Abbe and Berlin won't leave their stalls because Masterpiece is still eating and they want any leftovers.

 By 9am, the Salamone sisters were at the farm weeding gardens.  Yeyyyyyyyyy!
 and the ponies were out in the big pasture.

 Gorgeous and not too hot.
 I decided to mow the last pasture and was finished a little after 10.  It looked like a golf course.

 This is where I put the ponies even if it's raining...and as you can see, they just don't punch it up.
 The wild yellow roses have finally started to kick in....
 It must be the time for yellow.

 Progress was being made in the gardens.

This afternoon Jean S. stopped over to show me her cards and ended up helping me fold and bag a big order that I had for the SUNY Brockport Campus School Reunion being held in July.
I had an order for 350 of these.

This relief is one of several on the walls outside of the building...

Next, it was chore time.

 Took a couple more shots of blossoms on the way back to the house.

 For some reason, our 18 year old Bermuda felt like wandering around the lawn for a change.
 He is really showing his age, but still has some spirit left in his little body.

 Eventually he jumped up on the fence post, but it took some effort to pull himself up....sweet boy.
 Then there's L'orange....the longest cat in captivity.

 Seymour was posing for me....wanted to be the header shot.
 Sidney must have been hiding.

The girls did a great job with the "Father Foozi" garden...Gar even got some mulch for it (took 8 bags!)
 Another spinach salad and some homemade pizza topped with camelized onions and cheese.

Delish.  Now I am so tired I need a nap.  Food does that to me.
Night all.


  1. So nice to see Bermuda out and about.

    Love Seymour as the header.

    All sweet kitties!

  2. A beautiful post, from start to finish. Love the header and all the beautiful flowers, and you can just send those weeders over my way!

  3. Could hardly get past your new header photo. That's a very special photo!!!

  4. We went out to lunch after yoga today and I didn't think I was hungry after that -- until I saw the pictures of your salad and pizza. I'll be right over!

  5. Wish I could afford to hire a little help...even if only for a couple days to catch up. Would be so nice. Glad the girls were able to get your gardens cleaned up. Everything looks so beautiful. (And dinner looked yummy).

  6. Great post from top to bottom... Love the daily doin's around your farm and I always wish I was at your place around dinner time! Great dinner.. I'll have to try the caramelized onion pizza... We do lost of spinach salads here too! Yum!

  7. Lori, What beautiful horses you have. Those yellow lilies are gorgeous--alway provide such beautiful summer color. And, I love the shot of the sky with the barns--very nice. Have a good weekend. Mickie :)

  8. Love Seymour's teet in the header shot! The photo of your barns with the beautiful fluffy clouds is fabulous!

  9. Your kitties are all so happy. What a paradise for them. The pizza looks so good. And the billad table lawn is gorgeous. What kind of mower do you have?

  10. The grass and flowers looks so lush, the animals so content with the beautiful day, and the food--you've got me hungry again!

  11. Hi Lori
    I love this post....the green pasture, the wild yellow roses and the photos of your kitty cats! Hope Bermuda has some more healthy years left!

  12. Busy day. Loved seeing the cat pictures. You know I love L'Orange, so I was thrilled to see his handsome self.

  13. Looks like a great way to spend the day. Your salad looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.


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