Monday, June 27, 2011


 I knew Barb would not be here this 7 am her barn was being started.

 I breezed through chores and mowed the front paddock.
Then...I went over to Barb's.  It was a little after 9 and I was astounded by the progress that had been made.
 The building was Amish made and they were putting it together on site.

 I did a couple of errands and went back over around 2pm.  By then, the roof was on....

 and the stalls were taking shape.  After I left, they put in two skylights and tomorrow they will shingle the roof (maybe they got that done too).  Barb must be so psyched!

Back home and had trouble loading photos.  Finally got that straightened out.
 Gary went to a Duck Derby meeting and I did chores.

 Judy and Randy invited us to down there around 6:30.
 They live in this dollhouse during the summer months and spend the rest of the year in Florida.
 The gardens are beautiful.

 We dined on their screened in porch.

 Started off with cheese, mango craisin chutney and a fabulous onion dip.
 Lemonade with fresh mint.
 Then we had a big salad...
 and some homemade (from scratch) pizza.

 Judy is the most talented cook I know...baker too.  She and Randy are vegetarians and she makes such creative meals.  I wish she could cook for me everyday.
 As if that wasn't enough, she made these "donuts" just before she served them and we had the option of drizzling hot fudge or fresh rhubarb sauce on top....whipped cream too.

 A Gatsby kind of evening.
Home by 9:30...Barb had already put the ponies in.
Night all.


  1. What great pictures of the barn raising. It happened so fast!
    Looks like a gerat meal. Love the donuts :)

  2. I cannot believe how quickly the barn is going up. What I wouldn't give for that!!

    The party yesterday looks like so much fun. I have never seen a group with more interesting and tasty food than the people you know!!

    Summer is good...and you have such a fun and full life.

  3. When you say your friend's barn is 'Amish made' do you mean you have an Amish settlement near you?

  4. I was surprised to see that the barn was Amish made. I don't know why that surprised me, I guess I didn't realize you were in Amish country. Are they shy about having their pictures taken?
    The barn looks like a good one.

    The doll-house is really a cute little house. Lovely!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Love the house and gardens. I'm amazed at how fast the barn is going up. Looks really nice.

  6. That barn is going to be lovely. What an exciting time for Barb. A little bit sad for you, though. She's been a lot of help over the time she has had Mustafa at your place. I know you'll miss her and her company.

    The hollyhocks at your friend's place knocked me out. They can get weedy looking so quickly, but, hers have avoided that fate.

  7. The flowers here are so very appealing to the camera's eye.

  8. Lori, What a fun day you had--how can you build a barn that quickly!!! Amazing! What beautiful flower pics you posted--so bright and colorful. Thank you for all the nice comments on my blog--I really appreciate them. I started out with a little cybershot Sony which actually took some great pictures. For Mother's Day my family bought me a Nikon D3100.
    It came with a 18-55mm lens and I also got a 55-200mm one for more distant shots. I am still on "auto" setting and need to read the manuel--I'm sure it can take much better pictures once I get it figured out, but I am pleased with many of the shots I have already taken. Photography is such fun and makes you so much more aware of everything around you. Have another lovely (and very busy) day. Mickie :)

  9. Wow--I don't know where to start. LOVE watching the fast raising of Barb's barn! Beautiful! I want to move in. And then--all the beautiful flowers and the YUM food. I am going to go swoon a little bit.

  10. Amazing, the barn going up so quickly and the food looks fantastic. Just looking at that lemonade makes me thirsty.


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