Thursday, June 2, 2011


It was in the 40s this morning.  Crisp and clear.
 I loved it...so energizing.

 Ended up in the low 60s with lots of sun.
 At 10 I went down to the village for a haircut, and dropped my camera trying to take a picture of the 2 ducks in Pat's yard.

It messed up the lens and it would not go in or out.  I thought my favorite little camera was finished, until I figured out what was keeping it from working.  It made a comeback.
I went out to the pergola garden to gather some sticky weeds and found more Iris blooming.
 When I went out to do evening chores, the ponies were happily munching in the big pasture.
 Even after mowing, we still have a lot of buttercups in the fence lines and where there is standing water.
 Lured them in for grain and went out to pick the pasture.
 With my two buddies.
 The clouds looked like smoke signals.

 The ponies went back out for more grass....
 and I went in the house for a strange dinner.

 This is a weird one.  Left over Zwigle hots made into sandwiches, a tomato salad
and BBQued green beans.
 Our chairs arrived today....
 They are just the right size for the space.

 Jen and the boys stopped in to show us their new car...
 Of course they needed to test out the swivel....
 Grampa supervised.
 They left by 7:30.
The temperature dropped quickly...it might dip down to 39 not too far from here.  A nice hot shower is in my immediate future.
Night all.


  1. I have those exact chairs in red! Most comfortable chairs in the house.

  2. Just beautiful. I want to come and sit in the middle of all the green.

  3. The living room looks great.

    This is my kind of weather...as you say "energizing."

  4. Superb image of the sky/barns/pasture. The framing of that beautiful blue and beclouded sky is spot on-- the dark barns left and right and the lush green in the lower foreground. Just a great shot -- truly, cool beans! Loved your irises, too --

  5. Perfect day and happy horses too. Just beautiful. Nice livingroom, comfy and lived in without being too perfect.


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