Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sorry Terry (Colorado), we are still sporting your sky!
Another gorgeous morning.

Got through chores in no time.
The temperature started going up quickly...a little grass was showing....
my yucca plant was reaching out toward the sun...
Sidney, Phoebe and Gucci were happy to be outside.

It did not get a little muddy until later when the temperature settled at 38.
I'll take it!
The snow was melting away from "Father Foozi" (named by Equine Mine).

Class...the girls were waiting for a treat from Tina.

She has made a lot of progress with her papier mache flower.
Started looking for clock parts to put in the middle.
 Mel continued with his colored pencil drawing...
and finished it by the end of class.  It will be nice when the rest of my students return from their travels.
 The sun made me want to organize the back porch.  I put a couple of cat crates up on the table and am looking forward to the cat house Gary is going to make so the kitties can have a nice outdoor apartment when the weather is better.
Yes Terry....it was beautiful from morning 'til night.
Barb had chore duty and I got off easy for dinner.
Jen sent us home with leftovers, so I just made a big salad and toasted some of the French bread I made the other day (used the rest for croutons).
We ate early....the sun had not even set yet.
Tomorrow is another day.
Night all,


  1. Nice to see some sunshine your way.

  2. Sounds like almost a perfect day.

  3. Looks like you've had some beautiful weather! We still get cold at night (-15*) but very warm in the day (+30*). I haven't been out enjoying it though...too much planting to do inside. Hope your weather holds.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day--I hope it was!!

  5. Oh, that's reeealy not fair! It spit snow all day here.

  6. Glad things are warming up a little bit! Your cats are going to love their little "house"

  7. Wishing you more days full of sunshine! Thanks for your kind comments on my small stones. I'm better with words than a camera. Your photos are breathtaking.

  8. Gucci and Phoebe...so cute!

  9. I'm trying to push the sun and warmth up your way!


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