Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 Boy, this weather has left me totally unmotivated.
 I'm on automatic pilot with chores.

 After finishing, I went down to Brockport to run 4 errands.  Was on my way home around 11:30.
 Gar went to Jenny's and I got ready for class.

Gucci and Phoebe always seem to know when it is Tuesday, and can't wait until Tina arrives.

 Mel and Tina are both working on new projects.  I sure hope the rest of my class starts showing up one of these days.
 Mel brought some digital photos from his trip to Scotland, England and Ireland.  I have one of those little screens and we looked at them the entire time.  He caught some gorgeous shots.
 We also looked over Deb's (another student) book that she has had printed for her family and friends.
She is some writer, and did all the illustrations too.  Our 10th annual art show is in June and we will have quite a variety of things for people to look at.  Each year I invite past students and friends to join us as their work needs to be seen.  Normally, I don't put anything in it, but this year I am going to hang some of my photographs and take along my books and cards.  

I was sent directions on how to watermark my photos by a fellow blogger....and also googled directions with absolutely no success after spending the afternoon trying to figure it out.  Help!  Or do I really care?

Barb had chore duty, Gary had a dinner meeting...and I went down to Wegmans to pick up a $6 meal.  It's all the rage and I've never tried one.  I picked chicken French, an apple/squash pancake and mixed veggies.  Had to make a salad as I can't go without one.  Not bad.  Don't you love my dish?  Heated it up in the oven and figured, why dirty another one.
 I absolutely need to get motivated!  We are supposed to have 3-5 inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon and that's not going to do it.  
Night all.


  1. Uh, you do live near Rochester, right? Grey days are part of my memories of life there!

    Sorry, I can't help you with putting a watermark on your photos.

  2. Drat! I'm in bed, teeth brushed, and now I have to get a snack! It's all your fault with your yummy photos! Drat!

    I wish I could send blue skys and warmth your way, Lori. The wind's blowing about 40mph, so maybe I can.

  3. Snow??? Oh I would just die if it snowed again here. I've gotten way too fond with the idea of spring.
    Good luck getting your motivation up. The dinner looked great.

  4. Where is the lamb...enough of the lion.
    Maybe, this is the last hurrah!

  5. We have had beautiful Spring weather for a couple of weeks with temps in the upper 70's! Now it's going to cool off just when Ed's coming home to help with the garden! Darn!! Keep those horsey jackets handy. :)

  6. I can understand why some people might be protective of their photos and not want others to use them, but I just hate looking at photos with watermarks. I find designs/words/etc. very distracting to the photo.

    Can't believe you have snow in the forecast. Wish it was sunshine!

  7. I'm afraid all the sunshine was here today:)

  8. There is quite the debate over watermarks for your photos, they are actually quite well used all over.

    I don't find them particularly distracting as long as you are under the understanding that they are there to promote the photographer or artist...and to also protect or deter from theft.

    If you have any software for editing photos, I could probably show you an easy method of 'watermarking' your stuff.

  9. What a grand idea....using the pie plate...why the heck not...it has a healthy edge to keep everything in place....not to mention the food...you give me such great ideas for the next meal. Just ignore the snow...it'll be gone in a wink! Cheers!

  10. No help with the watermarking. My pictures aren't good enough for me to worry about anyone stealing them, so I never looked into it.

    We sure got that snow that they were predicting, didn't we?

  11. Unmotivated or not, it appears you got quite a bit done. I too could use a sunshiny Spring weather break.

  12. Love that fourth photo down, love the interior photos....love all the photos and 10th annual art show - would definitely love to see that... Is that art show for your students?? or is it a town thing..


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