Saturday, March 5, 2011


Another new follower.  She had "an American Dream about milking cows, hugging a black stallion and driving a BMW down dusty back roads with the music cranked up" and is doing it all.   Read more at: fourleafcloverdairy.blogspot.com
The name of her blog is Four Leaf Clover Talks where "everybody needs a little luck."
Thank you for following my Journal!


  1. YOU are So darned sweet to recognise and highlight each new follower Lori!
    When Did I begin? it's been a while.

    Her blog sounds adorable ..where dreams have come true...like your life..a sweetly enriched,full of talents and infused with animals!

    On the ANSUR saddle...it is the "Konklusion" style and I am suposed to have it by May sometime..I pray I can sell everything I not currently using(though some were gifts from my sissy, like the neat dark bridle with white brow and noseband "~") I figurem, it just tack really, and can be found again, new or used.I'm not telling her though.

  2. Another great banner picture. Absolutely adorable.

  3. I truly love how you acknowledge every new follower - this is so sweet.
    I LOVE the photo of the orange cat!


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