Wednesday, March 23, 2011


At 7am there was just a dusting....
That is one ugly picture!
 The temperature was in the 20s, so I had to put winter blankets back on the ponies.
 It was snowin' and blowin' ....put the hay under the shed roof and next to it so they would have some protection.
 I can count on Abbe to come into the barn to eat what is swept out of the feed room.
 That was just the beginning for the snow.

Gucci and Phoebe were running around like bunnies.  See that black spot in the lower right hand corner?  I think one more camera is toast! I've only gone through at least 5.  Maybe I take too many pictures.


 At 9:45 I left for the village.  Wednesday....chorus....
 It was close to whiteouts in a couple of spots.
 Those nice days were just a big tease.
 Went in the side door of the Center...5 minutes late.
We actually had another great rehearsal.
OK, now it was approaching noon, and it looked like this when I pulled in the driveway.

 This handsome boy was hanging out with me.

 By late afternoon, we were getting pulverized.  Now there was a snow advisory.  Actually, this morning there were several school closings south of here.  Bad. Bad. Bad.
 Can these posies take a full week of this and survive?
 By chore time, it looked just like it did in December.  Yuck!  I shoveled a little in the driveway and then cleared a path to the barn.  Fortunately, my smart horses spent a lot of time in the indoor today.
 Finished up chores and did a little more shoveling before we went in for dinner.

Earlier, I dug out Mel's bread machine and decided to go for another creation.  It was not done in time for dinner.
 Dinner?  BBQued boneless pork chops with carmalized onions, baked potatoes and coleslaw.
Perfect for the return of winter.
 At 7pm I was able to slice the bread...a sweet bread.  Cranberry/wheat.  Didn't have enough cranberries, so I chopped up some dried apricots and added them to the mix.
 We tested it!  Wow!  It will be great for toast.
Night all.


  1. Snow...the four letter word. Don't know what camera products you have been using, but I have good success with the Canon brand.

  2. You keep my little Gucci and Phoebe extra warm in all of that nasty white stuff!

  3. Oh yuck! At le ast the doggies had a good romp. We were close to 60 today, and we'll be 20 tonight. I'm not fond of the big temperature swings as it's hard on the delicate horse. It's dry as dust too.

  4. Man, winter white, even after the official spring mark!
    With the beauty of where we live, comes weather setbacks for the beauty we enjoy...I guess!

    I think I'm lucky that my camera has made it this far! It's survived 3 runaway horses and several contained gallops.
    What you gonna get next time?
    Glad your jam was great...and I'm totally gonna go pull out my bread machine! We have a local mill called"Bobs Red Mill"..they have awesome recipes + machine mixes, sometimes I cheat!

  5. You can come here Nanna if you would like! 60 and rising ! 70 on Monday ! I want to come ! Haha ! Love ya ! Say hello to everyone in Brockport ! Okay ? And save some snow for me ! (:

  6. Oh no! We are melting away here it is so hot! That bread looks sooo nice!

  7. I feel your pain. We got snow and wind and cold. It is 10 degrees this morning. Hello spring.

    Dinner sure looks good over there!

  8. Mmmm....caramelized onions. Love 'em.
    I feel so sorry for you guys. You have had a ton of nasty weather this year. Maybe your spring (when it finally gets there) and summer will make up for it!

  9. Hello Lori! I'm catching up and hope your snow was short-lived! They are saying we're supposed to get a few flurries here too...Winter can be pretty determined and each spring I forget that!

    I hope you've had a good day!!

  10. The weather isn't much better here. Freezing rain since Sunday, due to continue through the weekend. Your cole slaw looks amazing!

  11. wow, you sure got snow and love the photos! That very top one...beautiful....

  12. Love the romping dogs, but boo on the snow event.


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