Friday, March 18, 2011


When I went out to the barn this morning, it was grey and very windy.  Put the sheets on all the horses as it was supposed to rain.  But no......
The sun appeared and the temperature ended up around 60 again.  Off came the sheets.
 The cats were lounging on the back porch.
 Gucci and Phoebe kept them company.

At 12:30,  9 of us drove out to the Carlton for lunch.
The usual suspects....
 It was all Roger's idea.  He needed a food fix.

 Chef Steve was out in the kitchen preparing our lunches...
 His soup of the day was onion/potato with sausage.  Delicious.

 We ordered crab cakes....
 A BLT wrap....
 Hot pastrami sandwiches....
 Open faced prime rib sandwiches...
 and lamb stew...
 All lo cal of course....

After lunch, we went out to the lake and made a quick stop at Carol and Topper's.  It was even windier there and was looking much darker.  Was the weatherman going to be right?
 It was a male thing...who was winning the Notre Dame game????
 After a few laughs...

 we were ready to go back to Brockport.
The kitties were right where we left them....sunbathing.    

Time for chores...NO DINNER, and a nap (before we go down to 58 Main to listen to
Miles Watts and the Brothers From Other Mothers).  Hope we can stay awake...I'm sure the band will take care of that.  We have known Miles since he was about 3 years old and love to support his gigs.  I have posted pictures in the past, when they played in our barn.
All was well with the ponies tonight.  It felt pretty good in the barn.
 58 Main was packed.  We saw Jenny and many of her friends, had some outstanding Sweet and Spicy wings, and a chance to chat with the band.  When we left, Syracuse (where I went to grad school) was doing a number on Indiana State...now they only have a six point lead.  Do I really care?
March Madness is an understatement.

Night all.  It's late.


  1. A busy day as usual. Hope you enjoy the band, I like their name.

  2. 60 and no snow. Wow! What a change while I've been away. Love it! I could easily be one of those cats...they look so warm and cozy.

  3. Your horses sure weathered the winter well. They look like they are in great weight with shiny coats. It must be all that beet pulp and free choice hay! What a good mom you are...
    And all those entrees looked good at lunch. Hot pastrami, open face prime rib.. BLT.. love all of 'em!

  4. YOur day certainly looks like it was an enjoyable one, I hope it was, and I hope Saturday is just as nice!! Warm here in Virginia and I think it's all headed your way!!

  5. That soup sounds great! Your cats look so cozy and your horses sure wintered well!

  6. I always walk away from your posts with a full stomach and a smile..:D! Thank you for sharing your day ... and March Madness!

  7. Hope you soaked up all that Spring sun and sky for we could see snow Saturday...bad rumer, I hope!

    Oh, those crabcakes look sooo good...

    You certainly had a nice busy day!

  8. You are always so busy, in a very good way. The food looks wonderful.

    Your weather is so far ahead of ours. We are melting now, but have a long way to go before we see the grass. *sigh*

  9. Goodness...love your new banner!
    Thinking I need to change mine!

    We have a melt in process and nice weather to boot.

    Lots and lots of mud.

  10. Great lunch

    great DAY!

    Warm Aloha to you
    from Honolulu!

    Comfort Spiral



  11. March Madness...huh? Just teasing...I think it keeps the people off the streets and out of trouble. Would love to hear the band. Your animals are so contented and the sunny weather really helps. Now, how's about sharing those eats!? I guess that's too much to expect....Cheers!

  12. great post - great banner and prime rib sandwiches, ahh..can life get any better.

  13. Was very nice here yesterday, but blustery and cold today. But that's Spring for you! :)


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