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Sunday, March 20, 2011


No loss for pictures in this category.

Gucci and Phoebe
"Who just drove in the driveway?"
"Riding in the car is fun."
Gucci (Madamoiselle Gucci Poochie 'Lisbet Skoog)is a rescue from Tennessee.  Before she was one year old, she was bred and spent 3 days in labor before the owners took her to the vet.  She was immediately given a section and I presume, lost the puppies.  They never came back to get her.  She was sent up to a shelter near here (where a friend was a volunteer) and still had her stitches.  Below is the way she looked the day I picked her up. 

Now she is a very spoiled "Farm Dog" and never leaves my side.  Neither rain nor snow nor sleet has ever kept her from doing chores with me.  She is an expert at getting filthy while Phoebe goes back in the house where it's nice and cozy and stays pristine.

Phoebe Bluegrass is from Kentucky.  A woman who boarded her horse here had a rescue and when she showed me a photo of this puppy at 6 weeks I was committed.  8 different drivers took turns getting her up here (when she was about 8 weeks old) and they did it all in one day.
While she was still only 1 year old, she passed her beginner, intermediate and advanced obedience classes.  Then she went on to get her Canine Good Citizen Certificate and took (and passed) a very difficult Therapy Dog test.  She participated in a reading program for three years and has been on a long vacation.  This is one sweet and gentle puppy!

Below is "Ice."
He belongs to our daughter and has quite a story too.  He was a rescue from the same center Phoebe came from, but it was months later.  Someone was walking by a porch that had a refrigerator on it and heard a lot of crying and whining.  Some cruel person had left him in there to suffocate!  He was just a very young puppy and was taken to safety. When our son-in-law heard the story, he adopted him sight unseen and Ice was also transported up here from Kentucky.  Now you know where he got his name.  I don't know a more humble animal....

Rescuing these innocent creatures is the right thing to do.


  1. Rescue is THE BEST! Moon wandered in off the mountain where someone "dumped her" and Copper had 5 homes by the age of 10 months!...:)JP

  2. Lori, What adoreable dogs but honestly that photo of Gucci and Phoebe on the chair needs to be framed!

  3. Oh, Lori, I'm crying so hard I can barely write. How can people be such monsters? I'm glad there was a happy ending for these dogs as there were for mine and all the other rescued dogs. Hopefully, people's kindness outweighs what these horrible people do to animals.--Inger

  4. I don't know about humankind, how could someone put a puppy in a refrigerator?

    I have had a lot of dogs because of other people deciding to let them go. I was known as the 'dog lady' for many years because of the multiples I had. I took the big ones. Now I have two and Howard I bought as a puppy. Only two dogs have come from a breeder; an Afghan Hound in the '70's and Howard. My first Basset came from the Human Society, his owner had died. After having Harvey, I got bit by the Basset bug!

    These are very lucky dogs to be living in your family. Gucci looks like a good barn manager.

  5. Very touching stories. You all got some real prizes in your rescues. :)

    Our shelter here in E.Tenn. sends dogs to a non-kill shelter in upper NY. I wonder if Gucci came from here?

  6. Sweet, sweet rescue dogs, and aren't we the lucky ones to have them in our lives? Loved your post today ... sort of a post of a different color and very nicely stated. THANKS!

  7. Wonderful rescue stories of fabulous dogs. The pair staring out the window is priceless.

    In our area a cat was recently rescued from a storage unit where it had been tied up and left without food or water. It's currently recovering at the Oregon Humane Society.

    Cruelty to the defenseless is a shameful trait.

  8. Aww what amazing stories and amazing pictures! I'm definitely rescuing my next dog. I guess Jackal is considered a rescue since he was free and the woman's husband was going to kill them if she didn't give them away, but my next one will probably be from a rescue. I loved hearing their stories. :)

  9. Beautiful stories with happy endings. The more I know (some) people, the more I love my dog, eh?

  10. OMG you have me in tears! Something about Gucci in the first picture when you first got her looks just like my little Sophie. Oh, and the story about Ice. Maybe I shouldn't say things like this, but there is a special place in hell for people like this. I could sit down and cry like a baby. Thank goodness for people like you and your family. I know what you mean about Gucci not leaving your side, Sophie goes everywhere I go! and I wouldn't have it any other way. I really don't know what I did with my time before I found her that night.

  11. Ok, I am back. If you haven't been over and looked at my Sophie, please stop by and look at her. I can't get over how much she and Gucci resemble each other in the face. That picture of her in the car riding, is she on the console? Oh it looks just like my Soph. She sits up on the console right beside me and looks out like she is human too. Most of Sophie's pics are when she was younger.

  12. Every one of the little ones needs a forever home like yours. All the more reason to spay and neuter so there aren't so many sad stories that didn't have happy endings.

  13. What heart-wrenching stories your dogs have! I'm so glad they all found wonderful homes. Abuse and neglect make me feel physically ill. Thank God there are good people too.

  14. LOVE the pooch photos and love that they are rescues too!

    In love with your header :)

    happy day!

  15. We have rescue dogs and they are the best!

  16. I'm so glad these animals have landed with you and your family with their big hearts. My bro-in-law is working on a collection of rescue stories right now--from the SOAR animal rescue center here in NC where he volunteers.

  17. I like happy endings!

    Such sweet pups - all.

    Potentially - so many cute puppy cards.

  18. wonderful! So cute! Glad you were able to rescue them! My pooch is a rescue also. A lady brought him into the vet next door to my office and told him to "get rid of him and his sister". She had a Yorkie and Westie who somehow bred and she didn't want the "half-breeds". I adopted the boy dog and got a friend to take his sister. Nothing like a rescue dog! Yours are too cute!

  19. adorable companions! I love the photos!


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