Wednesday, March 9, 2011


A blah morning.  I went out early....

and was finished at 8:30.
By then the wind was blowing like crazy.
We all went in the house

and I had plenty of time to take a nice hot shower before going to chorus.
Our rehearsal went well.  We are going to perform this coming Sunday.
By 1:30 it was pouring and the wind was blowing near 40mph.  Fortunately I had already set up the hay and water for evening chores, so I put the horses in until 5:00.
At two I met with the Director of the local (Seymour) library.  We are trying to get Jon Katz, of Bedlam Farm, to pay us a visit.  It would really be something if we could make this happen.

By the time I went out for evening chores it looked like this!  I kicked the horses out for 20 minutes while I picked the stalls and set them up again.  Of course it was still raining...but they are not used to being inside for long periods of time and needed a stretch.


Dinner....yellow pea (with ham) soup and a gigantic salad.
A good night for comfort food.
Now, it's time to kick back.

Night all.


  1. The wind was awful, the day cold and damp...guess we're having the March Lion!

    A good day for comfort food.

  2. Whoa, that's some wind!
    Absolutely the only time David's horse Reggie wants to be in the barn is when we lock him out. He will stand there and try to break into the barn while we clean his stall. What a rascal!

  3. The winds can howl but with your pea soup and salad it makes it so hunkered down cozy. The animals are so comfy..love it!

  4. It certainly was miserable, though we didn't get the snow and rain until a little later in the day, on this side of the city. Looks like you had a successful day, in spite of the gloom, though.

  5. What a cuddling day!

    And that soup is the first thing I would want to cuddle with - looks delicious!

  6. Your soup looks fabulous! We had heavy rain all day yesterday. Snow today....I just know that spring is on it's way...

  7. Rain and wind...two of the worst things. Hope you have sunny skies soon.


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