Sunday, March 20, 2011


 Another beautiful morning....pretty crispy tho.
 There was a little frost on the grass, but it disappeared quickly.
 Today, the ponies had two small pastures, as they were nice and dry.
 Abbe and Mustafa went for the frozen grass...Berlin and Masterpiece went for the hay.

 Blue skies....
 Barb helped with chores.  Can you see her?  She just dumped the wheel barrow.
 When we were finished, my camera must have been misplaced, as I sure did not take very many pictures. Went to Wegmans to buy a few things, filled up the water trough, picked up some sticks and layed low.  Kept talking about a bike ride but never did it.  

My friend, Mary Pat, came up to buy some cards.  She went for the flowers...3 of mine (all pink) and 1 of Ariana's (our 12 year old granddaughter who is into photography).  Her's is the white one with the black background.  Mary Pat brought homemade pumpkin cookies...we had tea.  Yum.


While we were enjoying ourselves, Gary was turning my drafting table (that has been out on the porch for years) into a "cat house."  Seeing that they are outside so much, I want them to have a nice comfortable place to sleep.  If I put their food on the top, the dogs can't get it.  The area is very protected and the sun will shine on it in the morning.  L'orange tried it out right away.
Went out to do evening chores around 6.  Don't think it went above 35 today...a good thing we had sunshine to give us the illusion of warmth.

Dinner was leftover egg sandwiches from last night (baked omlette).  Had mine on toast.  We just were not hungry for a big dinner.  Last night I did not sleep well at all...the moon must have been pulling me from one side to the other.  I was cold, couldn't get comfortable, kept waking up!  Maybe I can make up for it now.  Night all.


  1. I'm actually glad to hear you occasionally have a 'slow' day! haha

  2. It's been cloudy here most the weekend. Bummed that I didn't get a glimpse of the moon. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

  3. I hope you sleep well! I loved your post on Phoebe and Gucci for Sunday Stills. I don't think I'll get them mixed up anymore. Their personalities really shine through.

  4. We finally got some warm weather this weekend. Unfortunately the wind was blowing like crazy. Horses are shedding away...Your cards are so beautiful!

  5. HI Lori! Yes..sometimes slow is good,it is a change from you norm, to be sure!

    Where so you get your photo's published to card form? At home or local print shop?

    We have had dark grey skies and wind and freezes over nights still...I'm slow going,making myself get out there. But needing plenty of recovery time with lack of recovery sleep...oou! It'll change-I pray SOON!!!


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