Thursday, March 17, 2011


Can't complain when you wake up to this....

In anticipation of the weather, I opened up the door to Berlin's stall so the barn would warm up today.

No sheets needed.
Breezed through chores.
Opened the back door too.

Masterpiece and Abbe were shedding like crazy.
Miss Yucca is now free....

It was so beauteous, I decided to go for a bike ride...my first one since last November.
I rode up to LaDue Road and hung a right.
Ed's woodpile was bigger than ever.  That's a lot of splitting!
Country architecture.
Turned right on Redman Road...a little hill in the distance.
The ditches next to the road were full of water from all the melting.
Next, I took a right onto Beadle.
Another gorgeous country house.  Love the stone work.
Further down the road, was a huge log home.
Got Route 19 and turned right....ugh! another long grade to climb.
The homestead was in sight.
When I parked my bike, I noticed this bird nest built in the vines on our porch.
The dogs had to be at the groomers by 1pm.  Here are the before shots (tomorrow I will concentrate on the afters).
Next, I dropped off my latest card creations at A Different Path Gallery.
She had a few new items....like these bracelets....
My cards are in a rack with many others...Gary is going to build me my own (farm style) so they can be displayed on their own.
Katherine, the shop owner, did a beautiful job on this bunny quilt.
From there I kept an appointment with the Massage Therapist.  The best form of preventative medicine there is.
Of course I could not leave without taking a picture of the fish tank.
Home for a couple hours...picked up the dogs at 5.
Dinner, then Gary went down to Jen's and I did chores.
The mudballs came into the paddock and I had to curry them off AGAIN.

"Hi Mom.  Wait to 'til you see my body!"

By the time I finished up, the sun was going down.

Pink skies to the West....
 and the moon to the east.

It hit 60 degrees today!
Let's see what it's like tomorrow.
Night all.


  1. LOVE that green house and the white horse peeking around the corner. What a great shot. We are warming up here too. We have all been outside running around the farm...literally!

  2. yes warm weather on the way here too! and i love your sunrise and sunset pictures!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. HELLO!! With vacation and all that has come with it, I've not been able to visit your blog and have again marveled at your beautiful pictures and an amazing day that we both had! I hope they continue too!! :-)

  4. Now that is a gorgeous day Lori! I love that pic with the white horse by the stone wall foundation--awesome. I highly recommend massage therapy too--it makes me life so much better :) Happy St. Patty’s Day and thanks for sharing with FFF!

  5. That sunrise is just gorgeous! I love the picture of the horse peeking around the corner.

  6. What a beautiful day you had. For a change. I love the peek-a-boo photo.

  7. What a wonderful warm day you had!

  8. From sunrise to moon rise...spectacular shots.

    "Hello, Abbe"...

  9. Yep, mudballs. Sigh. Lovely sunrise shots and the moon picture is gorgeous!

  10. Amazingly beautiful skies--wow! So many great photos today, and such variety. Your bike ride made me tired tho. haha

  11. I love when it warms up, but seriously don't like the muddy time. Such a mess with animals and kids. I was thinking with the first photos that those horses must shed...and then there it was. I bet that is a lot of work to clean up an animal that big!


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