Saturday, March 5, 2011


I woke up at 6:20 and fell back to sleep until 7:45.  Fortunately, Barb was out there ahead of me getting the horses set up for the morning.
 It started to rain and a lot of the snow was gone.
 Sheets were put on the horses, as the temperature was supposed to go up to 50.
 I put most of the hay under cover.

 This is one ugly time of the year...
 Seymour and Sid took it easy in the house.
 Well, it's Saturday....and a regular drumming day.  It has turned into a nonstop weekend.
 One of the drummers encouraged me to try one of the bass drums...a very simple part.  I gave it a shot and want to learn more.

Steady work today....

I left at 4pm and made a stop at Wegmans.  Meanwhile back at the farm, Finn and Cop arrived for the evening.
 Their toys were everywhere.

A salad and Ralph and Rosie's Pizza for dinner.

 Then, for a change, it was time to get out the drums and bells so the boys could get into it.
Finn is a natural

Cooper got in the act too.
I'm saturated (and tired).
Night all.


  1. You are the best...the boys know a good time will be had at your place! That pizza......to die for! Sorry I`m hungry!

  2. Hey you "saturated" woman!That made me chuckle.

    Your kids really do have the beat in them! Cool! When My man and I were young in our church..he lead a "Drum Ensemble"..the Dry Bones Drum Ensemble...it got to be a favorite and they got sent to do thier thing..in Brazil.It was a Linguistics(sp?) camp, so the team were leaders in English classes as well.
    It was the coolest thing, I'm so proud of him .

    YOUR big Day is coming.actually is is not a day..it's NOW too!
    you mentioned the "Uglies" of this time o yr...yea, wait till you see out next post!

  3. Glad I'm missing those mud days . . . and you're right, Finn IS a natural on those drums!


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